• Greenwich RTM Moderator Forced To Switch To Paper Ballots After New Electronic System Failed

    September 20, 2023

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    Monday night’s RTM meeting in Greenwich saw a return to paper ballots due to issues yet again with the brand-new electronic voting system.

    This marked the first time that paper ballots were used since the roll-out of the new Meridia system, which was debuted for members at the December 12, 2022, RTM meeting.

    RTM Moderator Alexis Voulgaris, who made modernizing the voting system a priority, said at the time that the new electronic system would make members more responsible for their votes.

    But when that new system was really put to the test on January 17, 2023, with arguably the most controversial vote in recent RTM history—Zuckbucks—at least 7 RTM members alleged their votes weren’t counted and their complaints were ignored. The Moderator opposed a revote, and expressed concern that a revote might be against the rules.  Additionally, the RTM did not utilize the gold standard in vote verification for this vote, which was forced through in just one minute, despite the reported problems with the clickers.  

    Ultimately, Voulgaris said the Zuckbucks vote would stand (104 Yes; 101 No; 5 Absent), ignoring the technical difficulties on this very controversial vote. 

    Then, when the RTM met on March 13, 2023, the first vote on a simple item took 18 minutes to complete in order to ensure all of the votes were accurately recorded in the face of numerous problems with the Meridia system.  The second vote took 10 minutes to sort through technical issues.

    After all of the technical difficulties with the online voting system, it’s no wonder some RTM members are wishing for a return to paper ballots so they can be assured that their votes are counted. 

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    I am from Greenwich and nothing will happen.The illegal voting will continue after all it is a demrat state with many Rinos.

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