• Greenwich Superintendent Says Extra Money Needed To Cover Subs As Teacher Absences Rise... Why Is That?

    January 29, 2024
    Greenwich Superintendent Toni Jones

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    The Greenwich Time published an article this morning about how Superintendent Toni Jones said Greenwich Public Schools (GPS) needs extra money to cover substitutes next year for more teacher absences.

    "We're also just seeing more health related issues, even with teachers,” Jones told Board of Education members in November.

    Of course, Jones suggested that the reason for the increased absences was due to the “tremendous amount of pressure” that teachers are facing because "education is in a crisis right now.”

    According to the GPS budget presentation, the average number of substitutes needed per week in November 2021 was 323.  That number rose to 362 by the same time in 2023.

    While Jones blames the rising trend in absences on pressure and an educational crisis, others believe that the absences may be tied to the fact that GPS forced educators to take experimental covid shots that are well known to produce adverse reactions, some of which can be deadly.

    Source: Open VAERS

    It’s not just a hunch about covid vaccine injuries, either.

    We hear from people, including educators, on a regular basis about what they now realize are covid vaccine injuries.  Blood clots, heart problems, turbo cancers, vision problems, alopecia, you name it.  The wide range of covid vaccine injuries shared with Greenwich Patriots has been shocking and heartbreaking to say the least.

    Unfortunately, many of those who have been injured by covid vaccines have no idea where to turn for help because that critical information is not being shared by their doctors, the mainstream media, or by any of the institutions—GPS included—that had a heavy-handed role in forcing covid shots onto employees.

    With that in mind, we reached out to Jones and the BOE today to ask them to notify employees about the upcoming talk with Dr. Marik in Greenwich on February 25th.   

    The discussion ought to be beneficial, especially for those vaccinated employees who are struggling to restore their health after being forced to take a covid jab just to keep their jobs.

    Hopefully, Jones will share this important information with GPS employees as eagerly as she shared information about experimental covid shots—information that never included the potential downside risks of the shots, even though Jones was made well aware of those risks by many concerned members of the community, especially Greenwich Patriots.

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    Greenwich Patriots

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    Best thing that could happen to GPS would be "Dr" Jones' contract expiring.

    Paul A

    It takes more than that. Stamford’s was ready to expire and a RINO voted for a new contract. He is trying to perceive bi partisanship but it’s actually desperation for political continuation in a city that is 3:1 democrat to republican. This is not personal on any level it’s factual based on a decline in education over a ten year period while our superintendent climbed the ranks. Beware.

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