• Gubernatorial Libertarian Candidate Aaron Lewis Sues CT Secretary of State

    November 4, 2022
    Dr. Aaron Lewis, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate in Connecticut.

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    On Tuesday, civil rights attorney Tricia Lindsay presented oral arguments on a Motion for Preliminary Injunction in a case filed on September 29th in the US District Court for the District of Connecticut. 

    Ms. Lindsay represents Dr. Aaron Lewis in a lawsuit against Secretary of State, Mark Kohler, which argues that the Secretary’s Office is withholding the official determination as to whether the Libertarian Party candidates have qualified and will actually appear on the ballot for the November 8th elections.

    Dr. Lewis, the gubernatorial Libertarian candidate, is asking the Federal Court for a mandatory injunction placing all the libertarian candidates on the November 2022 ballots, even if that requires delaying the election for a sufficient period of time.

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    He is also challenging the constitutionality of Connecticut’s Petitioning Laws and asking the Federal Court for injunctive and declaratory relief that these laws deny any meaningful procedural or substantive due process remedies.

    In the Plaintiff’s opinion, the Petitioning Laws violate the First and Fourteen Amendments of the Constitution of the United States, and are being used by the Democratic Party to place minority candidates in an impossible situation where they can only be successful if they work within the traditional Democratic and Republican parties. The laws, as stated in the Complaint, are designed to prohibit electorate choices, especially for African American voters.

    A decision by the Federal District Court is expected before the end of the week.


    Camilo Riano is a technology and management consultant who has worked for several management consulting firms, the state of Georgia, the city of New York, and the United Nations. He lives in Westport, CT with his wife and four children, and is strongly committed to the fight against indoctrination and the relentless attacks on their American values.


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    I will either vote for Dr. Aaron Lewis or not at all... vaccine injured nurse here who worked on a Covid floor and never got Covid but now injured from the mandate. Governor Lamont ignores my phone calls and emails

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