• Hardworking Greenwich District 2 Republicans Set The Record Straight

    February 27, 2024

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    By George Hritz, Aldo Pascarella, Susan Schieffelin, Erika Walsh

    We all have read the recent letter to the editor in publications from a group of District 2 Greenwich Republicans regarding the March 5th primaries.  Although we regret the need to respond in this way, this group has compelled us to respond with some of the facts that are being omitted. We, the slate already elected by residents of D2 at the January Caucus, would rather let our hard work and results speak for us and we are asking for your vote again.

    We are community-minded, common-sense conservatives who want to protect Greenwich’s 100-year legacy of low taxes and prevent excessive and insidious overdevelopment. We believe in government accountability, local zoning, fully funded schools that provide a high-quality education, and Republican party unity. 

    In an off year municipal election where voter turnout is typically 25-30%, our slate worked hard for countless hours, alongside hundreds of other conservative RTC members and volunteers to achieve a record 62% Republican turnout. We kept Greenwich Republican.  A huge win for a Republican minority town!

    The other slate has made active choices to stand side-by-side with the Democrat political views. One member has a long record of voting with the Democrats, while serving on the BOE. Another member of their slate resigned from the RTC last October and was not a member in good standing at the time of resignation, having missed 16 out of 20 meetings. This is not the type of commitment we offer to the town and the RTC.

    Additionally, two of the other self-described "conservative Republicans" on their slate were not even Republican a month ago, but rather registered as unaffiliated with no voting record at all. We heartily welcome them to the party and hope they will remain active and engaged after the primary.  The question is if now is the time to place your bets on "unknowns” or entrust the incumbents with a proven track record particularly given the importance of this election cycle.

    We will not be posing for photos in propaganda pieces to place in the media as we've been busy trying to focus on November.  Our constituents saw the difference between glossy packaged candidates and those who quietly continue to work and produce results. They made their choice at the Caucus. We thank them for their continued support. We hope the uni-party candidates will put down their pens, roll up their sleeves and join with us to get the real work done. Imagine what we could accomplish if they would join us to work together for the betterment of our town!

    Thank you for voting again for the slate that truly will work for you.

    George Hritz, Aldo Pascarella, Susan Schieffelin, and Erika Walsh    

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