• Have Your Read The 2024 Indivisible Guide To Defeating MAGA? Want To Know The Game Plan?

    September 27, 2023
    Source: Indivisible

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    Indivisible is gearing up to “defeat MAGA” in 2024, and it looks like it’s going to be an ugly battle.

    The national organization, which includes a Greenwich chapter, recently updated the Practical Guide to Defeating MAGA, giving insight into what we can expect over the next 14 months or so from the Trump hating activists.

    The stakes are high. 

    Indivisible says it faces "the dual threat of a MAGA landslide in 2024, and a Trumpist coup if the election would lead to Democratic victories.”  That’s a good observation about a 2024 blowout, especially in light of Trump’s strong polling numbers.   

    The guide alleges that MAGA republicans will try to control the narrative and sabotage the Biden administration and the economy, "while using racism and tribalism to attempt to harden their political coalition”.  Indivisible says that systemic racism has plagued our country for years, and even offers a long list of antiracism resources for white people so they can “deepen" their antiracism work.

    So the 2024 game plan is simple.  

    Make Republican politicians pay the price for “extremism” on a local level and try to make the MAGA brand toxic.  At the same time, make the Democrat party more broadly appealing while consistently fighting against the MAGA agenda.  In the eyes of Indivisible, the MAGA agenda consists of a nationwide abortion ban, systemic racism, election subversion, and tax cuts for billionaires.

    The Indivisibles feel angry, sad and fearful about the MAGA majority in the House and caution that it poses an "alarming threat to our democracy”.

    The organization is calling for members to shine a light on so-called “GOP extremism” and position the GOP as “dangerous and unpopular”.  They want to make the MAGA brand so repulsive that people will walk away from the republican party.  The guide offers tips on how Indivisible members can get involved in the fight against the hugely popular MAGA movement.  

    Tie republicans to their "least popular" positions, and give them a nickname linked to that position so you can make fun of them.  Use humor and laughtivism.  Stage unique events, eye-catching stunts, and "press-friendly” protests.

    At least we know what we have to look forward to in the run-up to 2024!

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