• Hearst Columnist Attacks Greenwich RTC, Conservatives, And Parents In Unhinged Op Ed, Calls Them "Ill-Informed Dingbats" And "Knuckle-Draggers"

    September 25, 2023
    Photo of Greenwich Time, Print Edition (9/24/2023)

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    Greenwich Time columnist David Rafferty is really scared of certain conservatives in Greenwich.  

    In fact, he’s so scared of them, and the growing popularity of their messaging that he did what so many other democrats have done—attached the label "Red Hats" as a pejorative term, and then called his opponents a bunch of names.  Just like a playground bully.

    This time he’s calling "Red Hat" republicans bad and stupid.   

    He must have dug deep into the thesaurus to pull out those stingers!

    You may be wondering why Rafferty is so scared.

    Well, for starters, he’s worried about all of the new people running for RTM, suggesting with great alarm that the Red Hats are responsible for generating more than 100 petitions to run for the Town’s governing body.

    He’s so scared that he even alleged the Red Hats must have committed shenanigans with obtaining signatures for the petitions. Those pesky Red Hats!  How dare they have such a popular message that more than a hundred candidates are inspired to run for the RTM! An even worse offense in Rafferty's eyes is that the Red Hats attracted nearly triple the number of new names to the RTM than the League of Women Voters and Democrats managed to add.

    Then he’s upset about the fact that two Republicans whose views he called “fringe” and “vile” dropped out of the Board of Education race.  You’d think it would make him happy that the two candidates he hated the most had dropped out of the race. Yet that’s not the case. He's still upset that two Republicans whom he calls “less reprehensible culture warriors” remain in the race, and are guaranteed to be seated on the BOE.

    At least that’s nicer than what he calls parents who are concerned about what their children are learning in school.  

    He calls those parents “ill-informed dingbats”.  

    What a thoughtful and talented columnist Rafferty is.  He must be gunning for a Pulitzer with this truly inspired, hard-hitting opinion piece.  No wonder it's printed right next to Editor John Breunig’s column, a well-deserved honor, indeed.

    But wait, there’s more!

    Why stop at calling concerned parents dingbats when you can just label the whole lot of them as "terrorists" and “knuckle draggers” who want to “install book banners, culture warriors, religious fanatics and anti-education, anti-intelligence deplorables” who distribute “the worst anti-American social media garbage they can find”?

    His command of the English language is absolutely stunning!  Especially his use of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” term. People really love being called deplorable. Just ask Hillary how well it worked out for her after she did it!

    Gosh, you can practically see Rafferty's name emblazoned on the Pulitzer announcement right now, surely he deserves a prestigious literary award for this thought-provoking work.

    Pulitzer Prize, Public Domain.

    Perhaps the best part of Rafferty’s unhinged rant is when he laments that the “local media” is letting the Red Hats spread their messages and “get away with it”.

    Wait—isn’t Rafferty the “local media”?  

    Is he saying that he himself is not doing a good enough job at combatting the hugely popular, common sense America first messaging coming from the Red Hats?

    That’s priceless!

    A huge shout-out to all of the Red Hats out there who are living rent-free in Rafferty’s head.  

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    Amy Williams

    Perhaps he is scared and worried the dingbats will expose him?

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