• Here We Go Again… CT Health Commissioner Juthani, Other Doctors Push New Covid Vaccines, Hint At Masks

    September 23, 2023
    Source: Dr. Manisha Juthani at her confirmation hearing (7/26/21)

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    CT Insider surveyed a panel of doctors that included Connecticut Public Health Commissioner Dr. Manisha Juthani about their views on covid vaccines, masks and more on September 22, 2023.

    At this point you are probably all too familiar with the narrative.

    Juthani set the tone by saying that, "anybody who is in Connecticut probably knows somebody who has COVID right now."


    You had better be scared because covid is STILL out there!

    But don't take her word for it, believe the other "trusted experts" who affirmed her narrative as quickly as a confused child's gender, suggesting, we're "definitely seeing a meaningful spike" in cases. So again, the message is clear. You had better be scared!

    Fortunately, Juthani and the group of doctors surveyed all believe in the power of this latest covid vaccine. That's the version that was tested on just ten mice, according to data provided by Pfizer to the CDC in earlier in the month.

    Juthani says that everyone six months and older should get this latest version of experimental COVID shots "as soon as they can get an appointment and when it's available". So run, don't walk!

    Dr. Ho-Choong Chang, Chief of Pediatrics, Community Health Center, Inc., tried to smooth over concerns about the limited testing on 10 mice by saying, "there have been hundreds of millions of mRNA COVID vaccines that have been administered in the United States, under the scrutiny of arguably the most sensitive and effective side-effect monitoring system that exists. And so with that in mind, we can say with very, very high confidence that these vaccines are incredibly safe."

    Try telling that to the 1,592,259 people who filed reports with the CDC's Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) over the harm they endured, allegedly as a result of covid vaccines. Or the 36,173 people who have allegedly died as a result of a covid vaccine.

    How can doctors like Chang still consider covid vaccines "incredibly safe" after seeing the alarming results contained in "the most sensitive and effective side-effect monitoring system that exists"?

    Juthani is expecting that we will experience a winter similar to last winter, where she says we will see "significant disease activity" as predicted in this CDC forecast highlighted in red—a colorful visual reminder that it's going to get bad—so she wants you to remain fearful.

    In case you're wondering about masks...

    While she's not wearing masks in stores or at social gatherings just yet, Juthani does plan on masking up for a flight this week. Then she cautioned, "But we'll see how things continue. That may change."

    Dr. Richard Martinello, Director of Infection Prevention at Yale New Haven Health, also masks up before he walks onto a flight. But then he removes his mask when the plane reaches cruising altitude because "air filtration is working at its optimal performance."

    Wouldn't you like to see the science he used to reach that conclusion?

    It seems vaguely reminiscent of the science that supported the use of masks while walking to and from your table at a restaurant, then removing the mask once you took your seat.

    Dr. Ulysses Wu, Chief Epidemiologist for Hartford HealthCare, says he always wears masks indoors, claiming "it's a very thin layer of protection that can really go a long way in terms of protection" despite the fact that more and more studies have revealed the ineffectiveness of masks, especially at stopping covid.

    But you're supposed to forget about the real science on masks.

    Just be scared and get your covid vaccines.

    Again. And again. And yet again.

    Enough already!

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    Counter observation, most everyone knows someone who died with-in weeks after getting jabs...

    Yep. This is some really


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