• Here's A Letter To Inspire You To Say GOODBYE To The Teacher's Union

    Source: AFT Connecticut

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    The following letter was submitted to an American Federation of Teachers (AFT) affiliate, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), by a Connecticut state university employee who decided to leave the union last year. The educator is still employed, having retained salary, benefits and perhaps most importantly, dignity in the process.

    Without boring you with specifics, I have no interest in any relationship with American Federation of Teachers. The positions of the AFT over the past couple of years have proven to be in direct opposition to my values and beliefs, and I hold them (at least) partially responsible for irreparable damage [being done] to the students we are supposed to serve. AAUP had no right to mandate an EUA Covid 19 vaccine on teachers, which further violated my HIPPA and Constitutional rights.

    I, notify the AAUP, herein UNION, and my employer, [redacted], herein EMPLOYER, of the following:

    I hereby resign from AAUP and all of its affiliates, effective immediately.

    You do not have my affirmative consent to take any money in union dues or fees from my paychecks. If you believe I have given consent before, that consent is revoked, effective immediately.

    I hereby revoke any prior dues/fees checkoff authorization I may have signed. I am also requesting a copy of any membership card or dues authorization that may be on file with your office held either by my employer, union or both.

    This notification is permanent and continuing in nature, unless and until I tell you otherwise. Under Janus v. AFSCME, I insist that you immediately stop deducting any and all union dues or fees from my paychecks.

    If you refuse to accept this letter as revoking any prior checkoff authorization, please promptly inform me, in writing, of exactly what steps I must take to effectuate that revocation and stop the deduction of dues/fees for UNION from my paychecks.

    Please reply promptly to my request. The further exaction of union dues or fees from me will violate my rights under the United States Constitution.

    You can learn how to leave the teachers union, too.

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    Ingrid M Hess

    I wish I had a list of normal, fearless, indepedent-thinking, teachers to whom I could send this letter and tell them they can free themselves from the clutches and tyranny of unions, when they don't align with their values and beliefs. It is all about FREEDOM to choose.

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