• Learn How To Leave The Teachers Union In Connecticut

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    It's well past time for teachers who believe that politics should be kept out of the classroom to rethink their commitment to a union that doesn't necessarily represent them or their values.

    Michael Costanza, the teacher who created Constitution State Educators, has taught in Connecticut for 17 years without ever joining the union.  "The sky does not fall," Costanza said, "and I've met many more teachers who have left CEA in the last few years, and not one has regretted it.  A lot of them feel it was the union who left them.  They just got tired of the union freeloading off their dues to push politics on their students."

    There is only one time during the year when members can leave the union, and that time is right around the corner in August.

    If you have any questions, you can always join the group on Facebook, or email them at [email protected].

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