• Hey Greenwich - Did You Know That Public School Educators Will Now Be Judged On Whether They Promote Equity And Social Justice?

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    Last night's Board of Education meeting in Greenwich had an item on the agenda that most people didn't even notice, the Educator Evaluation and Support System 2024 Guide.

    The 120+ page guide details everything about evaluating educators from the goal setting process and creating action plans, to observing educators in the classroom, identifying "tiers for success" and offering guidance on dispute resolution.

    The appendix includes Observation Checklists for evaluating administrators and educators based on different sets of criteria, such as the conditions they created for learning, their instruction skills, whether they engage in "self-reflection" and so forth.

    The evaluator then checks a box to indicate whether the person being evaluated has met the requirement.

    In addition to things you might expect to see on an evaluation form, administrators in Greenwich will now be judged on how well they allocate resources to ensure "educational equity" though no definition is provided for what exactly "educational equity" means.

    Screenshot, GPS Board Docs

    Administrators are further going to be judged on whether they are collaborating with an undefined group of "stakeholders" to "promote educational equity, dignity and social justice..."

    Presumably the stakeholders are part of the DEI cult.

    Screenshot, GPS Board Docs

    One speaker came out to oppose the plan, the founder of Greenwich Patriots, Jackie Homan, who blasted the Superintendent in her public comments.

    "Three years ago I came here with yellow posters showing examples of progressive curriculum found in Greenwich classrooms:  white privilege, systemic racism, radical gender ideology, the library books…"

    Homan then reminded BOE members that Superintendent Jones had administrators participate in a guided reading of the book “White Fragility” by critical race theorist Robyn DiAngelo in 2020, and even told a group of student activists that Jones had fully intended to make Greenwich an “anti-racist” school district at the time.

    “Anti-racism sounds nice to the untrained ear," Homan said, "but it represents an ugly, insidious, and racist agenda that is far cry from our collective goal of embracing equality for all.  Instead, it calls for future discrimination to atone for past discrimination."

    Homan explained how the National Education Association, the union that operates in the district, was radicalizing educators through conferences, such as the upcoming NEA conference on Racial and Social Justice, "where attendees can learn even more about incorporating anti-racist teaching, equity, and delivering social justice lessons in the classroom."

    "The NEA conference also has a session on how to ‘decolonize’ the curriculum, a revisionist history lesson from the 1619 Project, and celebrates Brazilian Paolo Freire, a Marxist credited with redefining literacy through critical consciousness," cautioned Homan who as been pressuring the BOE to stop the politicization of Greenwich schools for years.

    "When I complain about GPS indoctrinating students with CRT, Superintendent Jones lies to me.  She tells me it’s not happening in Greenwich, despite the evidence that shows it is indeed happening.  In some cases these “equity” initiatives are endorsed or even mandated by the state," said Homan who has obtained records from FOIAs to back up her claims about CRT being employed in the district, especially in classes like Sociology.

    "Can’t we just get back to academics - teaching students how to think, not what to think? And can we hire educators with a demonstrated track record of academic excellence, and not because they worked in a “social justice” school?" Homan asked in an indirect reference to two principals recently hired in the district.

    The principals came from NYC public schools where both were disciplined for ethics violations. One of the principals, Dr. Russo, who has been at New Lebanon Elementary for the last year, touts how he has been recognized for building a "diverse, equitable, inclusive, and anti-racist (DEIA) workforce."

    The other principal, Eduardo Calderón, comes from the social justice middle school started by Jamaal "Fire Alarm" Bowman, the Democrat Congressman from New York who triggered a false alarm to stop a vote in Congress.

    "Greenwich deserves better than this. We deserve a place of academic excellence, not a social justice training center," Homan concluded.

    But it looks like a social justice training center is exactly what Greenwich is going to get.

    The guide was approved during the meeting in a 4-3 vote, with all four Democrats voting yes and three Republicans voting no.

    Republican Michael Joseph Mercanti-Anthony was not present and did not vote, but considering he voted with Democrats to support the diversity hiring plan proposed in April, he likely would have voted with Democrats to support the new evaluation system, too.

    A voice of sanity on the BOE, Wendy Walsh, remarked, "with this, we are codifying wokeness into our district's teaching standards."

    It's a sad day for Greenwich Public Schools.

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    Greenwich Patriots

    Greenwich Patriots organized in 2021 to help protect medical freedom, to preserve parental rights, and especially to stand up for children in schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. Learn more and join the newsletter here: https://greenwichpatriots.us/.

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    Paul A

    Total BS!! When do we stand against this and say enough of this ignorance taking us back hundreds of years. DEI, Didn’t Earn It! It’s our tax dollars being used for division.

    Robert A. Porrazzo

    That happens when Fred Camillo is primaried by CARL HIGBIE for the GOP in this disgusting town (which is as useful as nips on a bull!) I have lived in for but 3 of my 50 years on Earth. And frankly I am taking an interest in leaving but can't because I have no money and can't find work because of health issues including autism and anxiety. And I have an 85-year-old mom who I live with who underwent major surgery.

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