• Hispanics Are Targets Of Discrimination In Schools

    September 2, 2022
    The old Spanish Colonial facade of Quetzaltenango Roman Catholic cathedral, Guatemala
    Image by Simon Burchell

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    The release of a video showing an Assistant Principal in Cos Cob, CT, admitting that Catholics are being discriminated against when hiring teachers, is becoming a national scandal.

    The fact that religion is being used to filter out candidates that are perceived as less inclined to accept the leftist, progressive indoctrination now promoted in schools all over the country, is opening the eyes of many who have not been aware that discrimination is the natural outcome of this ‘woke’ practices.

    Hispanics, who are mostly Catholics, are a group that will be strongly impacted if religion is used as a characteristic in making hiring decisions in our schools. This indirect discrimination will allow the proponents of Critical Race Theory (CRT), to reduce the participation of Hispanics in our school systems without openly showing their real objective of marginalizing them to justify the evil idea that the American dream is not longer possible in our country.

    Connecticut, a state with a surprisingly large Hispanic population, is becoming a battle ground for the implementation of CRT ideas through Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs. And the fight is taking place not only in primary schools, but also at the town level. Close to Cos Cob, in Westport, CT, discrimination of Hispanics under the disguise of Inclusion or Diversity activities is increasing.

    Just a couple of months ago, Hispanic parents strongly complained about a School Climate Survey contracted by the Superintendent of Schools. Parents, teachers, and students, were grouped in separate categories to analyze the so called ‘racial inequities’ of the system, opening the door for discrimination in hiring practices and in the class room setting.

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    The questions of the survey also mentioned specifically religion and national origin as characteristics that teachers should take into account when interacting with students. For Hispanics, this should be of great concern.

    The ‘woke’ progressives have been trying to label Hispanics in many creative ways to convince everybody that they are victims of oppression and cannot fully integrate into the American society.

    Since the racial labels do not apply to the Hispanic population, the left invented the ‘peoples of color’ denomination to separate us from main-stream America. Now, religion is being used as a proxy characteristic to discriminate against us, while they continue to claim that all this ‘anti-racist’ ideology is for our own benefit.

    Camilo Riano is a technology and management consultant who has worked for several management consulting firms, the state of Georgia, the city of New York, and the United Nations. He lives in Westport, CT with his wife and four children, and is strongly committed to the fight against indoctrination and the relentless attacks on their American values.


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    matthew miller

    Hispanics and blacks are also the targets for Joe Biden's and Fauci's race-elimination via the covid "vaccine". All others are deemed as "collateral damage" by the known and longtime KKK associate racist Joe Biden. Add the fact that during the 1980s-1990s to present day, the sinister Fauci used orphan hispanic and black babies, "given" to him by the NY Incarnation Childrens Center via Catholic Charities (a George Soros associate entity), to experiment upon and test their helpless bodies with hideous and monstrous experiments and biogenetics. After these hispnaic and black babies all died from Fauci's untethered abusive sadistic cruelities, he had them buried quietly with no msm coverage in Westchester, NY.

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