• How Did CEA Use Union Dues It Collected From 2021-2022?

    Source: CEA

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    For the fiscal year ending June 2022, the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) brought in $21.1 million in total revenues and incurred $19.3 million in total expenses for a net income of $1.8 million. Nearly 90% ($18.7 million) of total revenue came from dues money paid by individual union members, and another $1.7 million came in the form of a reimbursement from the National Education Association (NEA).

    A closer look at expenses reveals that 80.4% went to compensation for employees and officers, including benefits, pension accruals, and payroll taxes.

    Click here to see the full 990 filing.

    There are 47 officers listed for the union, and 43 employees who earn in excess of $100,000 per year.

    The highest paid officer, Executive Director Donald Williams, took home $309,194 in total compensation. At least five other officers received more than $300,000, including Attorney Melanie Kolek ($317,457), Attorney Rebecca Mitchell ($311,102), Director of Finance Janet Streckfus ($306,458), Director Raymond Rossomando ($300,916) and Director Marilyn Mathes ($300,916).

    Source: ProPublica

    Other major expenses included $866,631 in office expenses, $722,791 in occupancy expenses, and $594,834 in advertising. The CEA shelled out another $415,299 on travel and conferences. It also distributed grants totaling $207,260 to local unions, including 14 grants in excess of $5,000 to local unions, among other expenses.

    The Reconciliation of Net Assets (Part XI) reveals the union incurred a net unrealized loss on investments of $3,818,592. Schedule D lists the investments as "financial derivatives" and "closely-held equity interests." Investment management fees totaled $138,024.

    Source: ProPublica

    The CEA also operates the Connecticut Education Association Political Action Committee (CEA PAC) out of the same location.

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    Kendall Svengalis

    It's revealing that the CEA treats its members like children because you cannot join just your local bargaining unit. You have to join the local, state and national. Now, under the Janus decision, you can quit your union and save over $650 annually in dues by joining one of two non-political education associations: Christian Educators or the Association of American Educators. Put that $650 annually in an IRA earning 8% and come away with $75,000 at retirement. Quit during the August window.

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