• Huge BLM Banner At Southern Connecticut State Not A Surprise Given The School's Heavy DEI Focus And Anti-Racism Goals

    October 31, 2023
    BLM Banner at Southern Connecticut State University.

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    Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) is under fire for a Black Lives Matter banner emblazoned with the university's logo on the side of a building on campus.

    The Centinal has attempted to reach SCSU officials by phone and email to get a better understanding of why the university would hang a sign advertising a political organization that has celebrated the brutal terrorist attacks on Israel. But those calls and emails have thus far remained unanswered.

    However, in light of the heavy focus that SCSU has placed on social justice and becoming an "anti-racist" university, the BLM banner should probably not be a surprise. The university argues that "inclusive antiracist work to dismantle interlocking systems of oppression requires deep personal work." It believes that "power and policy, and not people" keep racism entrenched in society, and that the country is systemically racist.

    SCSU offers annual social justice and anti-racism grants to students to support projects that demonstrate a "value of equity, diversity, a climate of inclusion, and which challenge injustice."

    The false narrative about George Floyd, who actually died from a drug overdose, is alive and well at SCSU, too. The university maintains a page that recommends Black Lives Matter: A Guide to Reading, a resource full of information about the false narrative on systemic racism, information that paints police in a bad light and calls for the end of policing, and a whole series of books on white fragility, white privilege and white rage. It also recommends the BLM New Haven chapter for further information.

    In the wake of George Floyd's death, like so many other institutions, SCSU embarked on a journey of social justice that resulted in the creation of a three-year plan, Advancing Southern Towards a Social Justice and Antiracist University. The plan involves creating an Antiracist Student Advisory Group, heavy DEI training for employees and students, communications to virtue signal about DEI initiatives, hiring efforts focused on marginalized identities and the creation of a "hate" and bias incident reporting system for the whole community. Additionally, SCSU promised a complete review of policies, procedures and curriculum in order to become "more inclusive."

    Ultimately, the plan is to thread the "Social Justice Antiracism/Oppression brand" throughout the university and the curriculum. The SCSU Racial Justice Pedagogy Project even created a guide that details how to integrate racial justice pedagogies into absolutely everything. It includes topics like "how do white supremacy and structural racism operate in the US" and "what is whiteness and how does white privilege operate in our lives." It assumes that systemic racism is present in education and offers suggestions on how to teach for social justice.

    While some parents may feel they are getting a bargain with tuition at SCSU coming in under $20,000 for full-time, in-state students, others think it's a steep price to pay for a school that indoctrinates students with anti-Semitic DEI and anti-racism ideologies.

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