• James Waters: A Tick On The Elephant’s Back

    December 14, 2023

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    James Waters, son of a wealthy 1980s M&A banker, is the product of an elitist boarding school who has been riding his father’s coattails, and now works for his fathers’ investment firm.  Waters went to Harvard as a legacy and “development” recruit and worked in the White House, after substantial political donations by his parents.  Waters has been working to destroy the Republican party from within ever since his failed attempt to form a third party in 2017.

    Harvard Yearbook (1968)

    James Waters’ father, Stephen M. Waters, is a wealthy banker and Harvard alum who grew up in affluent West Hartford, Connecticut. Stephen Waters, donated heavily to Harvard, giving Harvard over $1 Million in 2005 alone, though his foundation has recently run dry.  Stephen Waters is a former chair of the Harvard fund, and a major donor to the United States Naval Institute where he is also a former Chair.  At Harvard, Stephen Waters was a member of the Young Democrats and he contributed heavily to Democrats, but Stephen Waters also made a singularly large contribution to the RNC while James Waters was employed at the Bush White House.

    Harvard Yearbook (1968)

    In 2017, sidelined Republican insiders formed several rival groups which attempted to remain relevant by capitalizing on over-hyped anti-Trump sentiments among Republicans. These disaffected politicians objected to Trump because he fought the Republican establishment they were a part of.  They rejected Trump’s call for a border wall, though this was originally a Bush initiative, and after Trump’s election, these sidelined Republicans joined Democrats in condemning Trump’s Covid travel restriction as “racist” yet later supported Biden when he did the same. This same group manipulated the Hunter Biden story and others with falsehoods, demonstrating their willingness to damage their party to try to remain relevant.

    James Waters joined one of these disgruntled-Republican efforts named “Serve America Movement” as Chairman, while remaining a registered Republican.  Serve America was funded primarily by Charles R Wall, who made his fortune spinning lies for big tobacco.  

    Under Waters’ leadership, Serve America gained no traction, disbanded, and was subsumed by Forward and Renew America, themselves failed efforts to remain relevant by Andrew Yang (D) and Christine Whitman (R) after their unsuccessful presidential campaigns. When Serve America fizzled out in 2019, Waters registered as unaffiliated.

    Since parting ways with mainstream Republicanism, James Waters has been moving left and regularly claimed to see “far-right” “extremists,” and whatever evil “MAGA” means to him, everywhere.  This line of attack, linking everyone and anyone to Trump is a Democrat mainstay adopted by local progressive activists, long before the Greenwich Republican leadership change in 2022.  

    Waters parroted leftist media themes and regularly trolled all Republicans as “MAGA” (below).  Despite styling himself a centrist Republican, he didn’t find any local Republicans he could support and in both the 2021 and 2023 elections he advocated for the entire Democrat BET ticket.  Though, having gotten political career support from Fred Camillo, Waters left Camillo out of his trolling.

    To leverage his “disaffected Republican” rhetoric, James Waters registered again as a Republican before running for the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting (RTM) in 2021.  However, an analysis of RTM voting records shows that Waters voted with the Democrat majority on 70% of contested RTM votes, making him more of a Democrat than 60% of Democrats on the RTM. 

    Waters’ tactics of slandering other candidates seem most successful when those candidates ignore his unfounded claims and focus on the issues.  When Waters attacked BOE candidates Sherr and Auerbach and more recently with RTM Candidates, Sherr, Auerbach and the RTM candidates did not respond in kind to his constant barrage of falsehoods.  Most lost. 

    In a nutshell, like a few others, Waters is a politically dishonest Democrat masquerading as a Republican, looking to mislead Republican voters while undermining and dividing the Republican party from within. 

    The Greenwich Republican party needs some delousing. 

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