• Jim Himes Goes Easy on the Chinese Communists

    June 27, 2023
    Jim Himes, Public Domain.

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    Jim Himes just used his perch on the House Financial Services Committee to shill for his Democrat donor class, while he “questioned” Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in a public hearing on our economic relations with China. See his play-acting video HERE. He and Yellen engage in a fine-tuned dance of the government Corporatists.

    Himes begins by disparaging principled criticism of the growing Chinese Communist Party (CCP) economic hegemony as mere “emotion” on the part of we critics. He begins to enumerate the brutal CCP atrocities on the Uyghurs, the spying, the hacking, the intellectual property theft, and with aplomb, dismisses it with “the list goes on and on.” Himes said to Yellen “we must address the national security side without damaging the economic growth side” of the relationship. To Jim Himes, the cyber-driven and multi-pronged subversive cold-war the CCP is waging against the U.S. is a mere inconvenience, and should not interfere with the trade interests of the Democrat financial elite who have financed his campaigns for the past 14 years.  

    In a verbal minuet with Yellen, she and Himes conveniently agree the U.S. should “de-risk” from China but no, no, no - not “de-couple.” That public dance is nothing but a gratuitous head-nod to the concerns of average Americans, while being sure to get back to business protecting the economic interests of the crony-corporatist elites financing Democrat politicians from coast to coast. To Himes, right through the Obama years and now in concert with the Biden Administration, the preservation of American values, jobs, and even national security are continually undercut in favor of the financial and political elite. Jim Himes is their 'wing-man' on the Intelligence and Financial Services committees. And there’s nothing the Biden team, with Himes’ full-throated support, is doing to “de-risk” their engagement with the CCP.  As Secretary of State Blinken’s recent supplicating meeting with Xi Jinping illustrates, the stated totality of the Biden Administration’s strategy entails writing letters and "monitoring." See video: Blinken cowers

    The geopolitical tension was accelerated earlier this month when U.S. intelligence confirmed the Chinese are expanding their presence in Cuba to include both “eavesdropping” and “joint military training” facilities on Cuba’s northern shore, some 90 miles from the Florida coast. Can we really expect that anything more than a stern memo from Blinken will follow? Such a facility is akin to the CCP having their aircraft carrier anchored permanently just off our shores. The implications of such a capability are game-changing: a quantum advancement in the CCP’s electronic listening and detailed monitoring of our communications; perfect monitoring of our submarine entries and departures from our ports; capability to launch hypersonic missiles at, and across our mainland before they could be intercepted; sufficient proximity to launch a multi-faceted bio-warfare attack, “and on and on,” as Mr. Himes would put it. 

    If Jim Himes is simpatico with the Biden Administration in its ‘engagement’ approach to China, where is that course likely to lead? If we look over the horizon a bit, we can see how this CCP gambit can, in fact, ‘change the game.’ Should the CCP be successful in smooth-talking Biden and Blinken, while they expeditiously complete the Cuban facility, they will have emplaced a valuable new piece on the geopolitical chessboard. As the cries from our body politic to “do something” about the military facility, reach even the seemingly impenetrable ears of the Biden Administration, the CCP will be positioned to extract an exorbitant price – i.e. the coerced withdrawal of U.S. support facilities on Taiwan in exchange for the CCP’s abandonment of its Cuban outpost! We'll see.

    Jim Himes fails to appreciate the strategy of the Chinese Communists... or maybe he does.  He should read my analysis of the Chinese long strategy recently published in The Connecticut Centinal:

    Chinese Execute an Historic 'Flip-the-Script'

    Forget your donors, Mr. Himes – the correct answer is ‘de-couple’!

    To invoke an historic quote, “there are years when nothing happens – then there are months when decades happen” – we just had one..........

    Jim Himes is NO Moderate.

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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