• Jim Himes – The Radical Thinking Behind His Failed Voting Record

    March 5, 2024
    Billboard on Route 1 in Norwalk, CT.

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    For the past year in Op-Eds and Breaking Commentaries my campaign has been highlighting many of Jim Himes’ seemingly inexplicable votes taken on the House floor, while he is supposed to be representing the citizens of CT-4. Many of us from the grassroots movement in Connecticut have known for years, that when Mr. Himes was a rising senior in Harvard, he spent the summer of 1987 in Nicaragua living among the Sandinistas, studying the mechanics of their communist revolution. He wrote a senior thesis to prove it: The Sandinista Defense Committees and the Transformation of Political Culture in Nicaragua. Read it here: www.RealHimes.com.

    In it he wrote approvingly of Lenin’s vision of “an elite party to be the agent of transformation. The party would serve as a vanguard, leading and instructing the people in the revolutionary endeavor.” – Sounds eerily familiar to the crisis we’re experiencing in America today. His writing demonstrates his understanding and prowess in all aspects of societal transformation - cultural, political and governmental. If all politics is downstream from culture, the wellspring of cultural change is control of the education system. Himes approvingly quotes Castro – “All revolution is an extraordinary process of education… Revolution and education are the same thing."

    Since Mr. Himes enjoys both the support of, and donations from national and state teachers’ unions, his shunning of the great Parents’ Rights groups in Fairfield County becomes more “explicable.” Instead, he proceeded to taunt them by publishing a summer reading list of sexualized books, many of which the local parents’ groups have specifically asked to be removed from the school library shelves. And just to eliminate any doubt about where he stands, Himes voted AGAINST the Parents Bill of Rights earlier in this congressional session.

    As I wrote in a book I co-authored a couple years back, The Seventh Crisis, the country is currently enduring an historic crisis on par with the Civil War and WWII, entirely driven through society by the organized American Left. Our founding principles, traditions, cultural norms, and free-market economy are being upended at the direction of activist leaders in academia, media, business, communications, politics, and among our elected officials.

    In his 15 years in Congress, Mr. Himes has clearly established himself within the nation’s political elite, driving what Barack Obama termed “the fundamental transformation of America” – all while asserting and verbally posturing himself as a “Moderate” when appearing here in the District. But a “Moderate” does not make his constituents indebted by voting for some $23 trillion of federal debt over 15 years – that’s $190,000 per household! We are paying that debt through inflation.

    And his voting record is the undisputed tale of the tape. His record should be “inexplicable” no more, for it is clearly the product of his experiences, research, and writing, and his repeated world-view since entering Congress. It can all now be seen in alignment. Any skeptics can be referred to a very telling vote taken in the House earlier in this session: H.R. 9 - “Denouncing the Horrors of Socialism.” Himes was one of a handful of Democrats who would NOT vote against the socialist system. This is from the man who publicly makes excuses for the CCP spy balloon as it made its way across the U.S., while serving as the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee!

    Just a couple more of this session’s more odious and illustrative votes include:

    • H.R. 734 - Voted AGAINST “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act”
    • H.R. 26 - Voted AGAINST “Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act”
    • H.R. 2 Voted AGAINST “Secure the Border Act of 2023”
    • H.R. 1 Voted AGAINST “Lower Energy Costs Act”
    • H.R. 1640 – even voted AGAINST “Save Gas Stoves Act”

    Each of these votes either subvert the nation’s interests, or are highly disruptive to our societal norms, and all referenced in this article were taken just in just the past year alone. I would posit that NONE of these and many other of Himes’ critical votes would pass a poll taken of the 500,000 clear-thinking adult citizens of CT-4! For 15 years we’ve had NO representation in Congress. Because neither Himes nor the mainstream press ever mention it, most Fairfield County residents remain unaware of his voting record. So, to illuminate awareness of it all, the following billboard has gone up on U.S. Route 1 in Norwalk.

    Since the media refuse to cover our congressman’s votes, I’m using a billboard to go directly to the citizens. The Sandinista thesis and his voting record can be found at: www.RealHimes.com.

    After 15 years, I’ve entered this race not to mirror Mr. Himes’ power games in Washington, but to provide genuine REPRESENTATION of the interests of the families, parents, small businesses, and average citizens of CT-4. My positions are clear common-sense – no hedging – and can be found in detail on my campaign website.

    After 15 years I am offering the District a clear choice away from the failed tenure of the incumbent.

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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    John Gaultcsa

    Radical Himes, his Sandinista-loving, fellow traveler Bill de Blasio & their seditious ilk in the Squad aim to dismantle everything Americans hold dear and usher in a Communist revolution. Comrade Bill took what Guiliani/Bloomberg had left him - a clean, prosperous & safe NYC - and deliberately turned it into the filthy, crime-ridden, seething cesspool it is today. It's time to flush Radical Jim and his Socialist comrades before they do the same to the whole country, one vote at a time.

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