• The Skinny on Tuesday's Greenwich RTC Primary

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    Those of you watching the Republican Town Committee (RTC) primary in Greenwich know that it’s been a pretty wild ride.

    We’ve seen an airing of grievances in public, just like a “Festivus in February” and a lot of misinformation about what happened in the RTC over the last couple of years.

    We’ve seen the Republican First Selectman shockingly denounce the campaign help he received from scores of Republicans, and attack the RTC leadership with the help of a friendly mainstream media.

    We’ve seen the “Greenwich swamp” resist any attempt at being drained.  

    Not only resist being drained, but we’ve seen the First Selectman go to extraordinary lengths to ensure he maintains a good position in the swamp.  Quite literally doing something that’s never been done before in Greenwich, and required a special (likely expensive) legal opinion.

    Have you ever heard of a First Selectman getting paid to be an advisor to an engineering company that spends a ton of time in Town Hall to obtain approvals from committees composed of people appointed by the First Selectman?   Does it get any swampier than that?  

    Better yet, the Greenwich Democrats, who wrote a suprisingly balanced note about the RTC primaries, seemingly endorsed the First Selectman-backed slate for the primaries.

    That means, essentially, that a vote for the Fred Camillo-backed RTC slate is a vote for the Democrats.

    It's pretty insane to think that any Republicans would want to be led by candidates whose principles and spending habits most closely align with Democrats. 

    This is not unlike the battle that’s been brewing between Nikki Haley, representing the uniparty and globlalist types, and Donald Trump and his massive America First following.

    Nearly half of Haley's votes in primaries are coming from Democrats, many of whom are also financially backing her campaign.  Haley’s campaign staffers are actively suggesting that people register as Republicans in order to vote for Haley in the primary, which is the same strategy that the Camillo-backed “Committee for a United RTC” has adopted. 

    Haley, the newly anointed “Queen of the Swamp”, has not only attacked Trump, but she’s also attacked the Republicans who support him, blaming them for not being the right kind of Republicans.   This reminds us of how Camillo’s “unity” slate is attacking fellow Republicans as “book banners” — something right out of the Democrat playbook, and something which is also simply untrue.  

    Now we’re hearing that Camillo’s well-funded “unity” slate (think “uniparty”) is trying to intentionally confuse Republicans by suggesting that the “unity slate” is the real MAGA slate. Ironically, these same people have tried to distance themselves from MAGA in the past. 

    But make no mistake, there is not a single MAGA person who would ever undermine election integrity by accepting Zuckbucks.  Yet that’s exactly what Fred Camillo did.  He signed on the dotted line instead of pushing back against this obvious attempt to influence Greenwich elections.

    If you want to save the republican party in Greenwich, vote for TRUE REPUBLICANS who have not been endorsed by the Greenwich Democrats, but who have been endorsed by former State Rep. Kimberly Fiorello.  This slate will represent the voice of We the people, and work toward draining the Greenwich swamp.

    If you want to keep the swamp and it’s backroom dealings alive, then vote for the Camillo-backed slate. This slate will represent the will of the “uniparty” and Old Guard, not the will of the people.  

    But if you’re a registered Republican in a primary district and you don’t vote, then don’t come crying to us about the results.   

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    Greenwich Patriots

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