• Judeo-Christian Families Are Under An Indoctrination Assault In Connecticut

    May 24, 2023
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    Most Judaeo-Christians believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. In fact, society pretty much felt the same way since the days of Adam & Eve when God told them to be fruitful and multiply. 

    But when progressives push certain lifestyles to procreate the next generation through indoctrination in our school systems, it creates a major conflict with our values.

    The federal government also seems to be moving the goal line towards this counterculture.  Over time, this has evolved from same sex parents to sexual identity acceptance in America. Even the Biden Administration has hired high visibility bureaucrats like Rachel Levine, Sam Briton, Karine Jean-Pierre, and Peter Buttigieg, who took paternity leave so that he and his husband could raise a baby.   

    Apparently, what used to be an outlier is now becoming the mainstream ⏤ the opposite of the values found in a typical Judeo-Christian home. It is an onslaught on the family front, the church, and society. And if one does not agree with edicts to promote alternative values in grades K through 12, you had better watch out! 

    Laws should offer equal protection for all individual’s values, not for just a subset of people.  Yet we see time and again laws being enforced that protect only a small percentage of the population. For example, the rights of the transgender community superseding the rights of women in various sports, locker rooms, and bathrooms. 

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. We now see many bills in Connecticut that are directly attacking parental rights. Such bills would teach children about sexual identity and sexual activities that go against the values of families with certain religious views. Content of this nature does not belong in our public schools at all. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the rights of the gay community, they are people, and deserve the same rights as every American. But when laws are created to promote progressive rights to teach controversial material that may oppose one's own religious beliefs, then I have a problem. Any law that violates Judeo-Christian rights by granting training in opposition to Judeo-Christian beliefs is unconstitutional. 

    Currently, several bills in Connecticut would remove parental rights, and allow educators to teach children from an early age about sexual identity, and sexual activities, including:

    1.   SB 1 which was revised due to complaints, but is still written ambiguously to still provide sex education that is age- and developmentally-appropriate, and not limited to instruction about affirmative consent.(Against the will of families and religious communities.)

    2.   HB 6396 is to protect teachers from ideological differences of opinion about certain subjects or topics, including but not limited to gender, sexuality, race, racism and climate change. (This law protects teachers, not parents.)

    3.   HB 6192 is to protect public school teachers from FOIA requests pertaining to communications with students regarding sensitive subjects, such as sexual orientation, gender identity and race, that take place during school-sponsored activities. (This takes parental rights away, as parents may be unable to ask about curriculum details.)

    4.   HB6410 is to create guidelines that find a balance between making election officials accessible to the people whom they serve, and protecting them from abusive, offensive or threatening online harassment. (So I should not write my legislators or question their authority or decisions on social media?)

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    Ultimately, these bills would take away the rights of parents who disagree or speak out about the sexual identity and training that goes against the religious beliefs of many in Connecticut. If these bills pass, then those opposing this bill ought to sue the state for school choice that would allow parents to choose which education their children should receive. 

    Freedom of religion goes beyond church and synagogue walls when it comes to what a person believes. Maybe the kids are not going to a Judeo-Christian school, but they and their parents religious rights are supposed to be protected by the government. Any law that violates the individual rights of some citizens in order to grant privileges is morally wrong, and unconstitutional. 

    Currently, our Judeo-Christian families are under an indoctrination assault. If these laws go into effect, then I fear the potential impact on our children now and into the next generation.

    Hopefully, US Representative Kevin McCarthy’s new Parents Rights bill will pass, and broadly protect parents rights in the school system at both the federal and at the state level. 



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    Peter Martin

    Well said!! CT must be the bottom of the iceberg. Whatever libs pass there will surely trickle down south. Some things already are here. Hang in there... The "silent and not so silent majority will prevail.

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