• "MAGA Michelle" Announces She's Challenging Logan To Secure GOP Nomination, Face Off Against Jahana Hayes

    January 12, 2024

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    Michelle Botelho has announced she's running against George Logan to secure the GOP nomination for Connecticut's 5th congressional district so she can square off against Jahana Hayes in November.

    Botelho says she can beat Logan and Hayes by being pragmatic and speaking the truth, something she knows her constituents are craving and something woefully lacking in the current political landscape.

    "We are losing our country to hubris and greedy politicians, whether Democrat or Republican. Government that is purposed to help us is instead causing chaos and division in our nation, and this is all being done by design. All over the world, we have lost respect with this current administration," says Botelho who is gravely concerned about human trafficking and the terrorists potentially walking through our wide-open borders.

    "I’m not trying to instill fear, but we need an awakening that will take our heads out of the sand. If America falls, where do we go? The globalists know the answer," she cautioned.

    She said Biden has done nothing to curb the flow of illegal immigrants into our country and actually encourages it, after Trump had nearly secured the border. She is frustrated that there is no accountability of how the money gets allocated for actual border security.

    "We are being invaded on purpose and it needs to be said out loud. They are committing a felony. The Constitution and the laws on the books can stop this," she asserted.

    Botelho believes illegal immigration is being used to tear down Western society, change our culture, and fundamentally transform the composition of our country.

    She also thinks that too many Republicans have gotten into bed with Democrats on this, and many other critically important issues.

    "They are all part of the same club," says Botelho.

    But the good news, she says, is that there are already some people in Congress who are willing to stand up and fight for their principles.

    Botelho attempted to run in 2022 but was told that George Logan was getting the endorsement.

    Unfortunately, the "R" beside his name, she says, does not necessarily represent his values.

    "George Logan is moderate most of the time, until he has to be a moderate conservative depending what RTC he is speaking at. I’m honestly not here to bash him, I just want to give voters a choice," she said. "I don’t agree with his voting record as a Connecticut State Senator... he actually seems to agree with Jahana Hayes a lot of the time."

    For instance, Logan co-sponsored a Police Accountability Bill in 2019. 

    After George Floyd died in 2020, Logan made a speech to protesters, and he stated that George Floyd was "an American who represents us all.”

    Hayes, who called Floyd's death an "execution", said that "George Floyd is everyone's son."

    Perhaps someone should let them know that not all Americans want to be represented by a criminal who died of a drug overdose.

    Hayes subsequently voted for the George Floyd Policing Act in 2021.

    As a state senator, George Logan voted along with the Democrats to pass the National Vote Interstate Compact which passed in Connecticut.

    "Ultimately, it means that if enough states pass this act, which I believe 16 states have already, it would abolish the Electoral College. What else does Logan want to change in our Constitution? Jahana Hayes also believes we should abolish the Electoral College," said Botelho as she showed yet another similarity between Logan and Hayes. “Imagine having New York and California dictate our Presidential elections.”

    Botelho said that Logan, who is part of the uni-party that "stands with Ukraine" and also part of Kevin McCarthy's group of young guns, has mastered the talking points.

    She says these positions sound just like those of the current Congresswoman we have in office now, the one that Logan says he want to defeat in order to effect change.

    But Botelho just sees another RINO who doesn't have the courage to stand for real conservative principles.

    "I’m a grassroots conservative and I hope to be endorsed by at least some RTC’s in the district. That's the only way I can primary George and give voters an opportunity to decide for themselves who should represent them," she said.

    "Jahana Hayes accuses George Logan of being a MAGA candidate, but I don’t think he actually is.  I’m proud to admit it! Why wouldn’t an elected representative want to make America great again? And whether you like Trump or not, he proved he only wants what is best for the American people, despite all the media talking points to the contrary."

    You can learn more about Botelho's campaign on her website: https://www.michellebotelhoforcongress.com/

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    Amy Williams

    She says all the right stuff-i hope she is sincere

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