• Rep. Josh Elliott Makes Assisted Suicide A Top Priority For 2024 Legislative Session, Openly Admits Future Expansion In The Works

    CT State Rep. Josh Elliot, per CT House Dems

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    Two days ago the Hartford Courant ran a front page above-the fold article declaring that the assisted suicide fight is "likely to reignite in Connecticut in 2024." While most other local media outlets have essentially turned into propaganda outfits for the pro-assisted suicide lobby, the Hartford Courant allowed opponents to have our say:

    “The problem for the pro assisted suicide people is they keep approaching this issue in Connecticut as if it’s still 2013,” Wolfgang said. “They keep going up to the State Capitol and saying, ‘Oh, we just want this for a very limited circumstances…’ But what’s happened in the 10 years since in other states is that the issue has progressed further. There’s been a suicide expansion over the border in Canada. There’s a law set to go into effect in March that will allow assisted suicide for people who are mentally ill. And so I think this is one of the things that has made it even more difficult for the pro assisted suicide folks to win in Connecticut.”

    The lead lobbyist for assisted suicide objected to my comments, saying it was unfair of me to point out that their "limited" assisted suicide bill is just a stalking horse for a later expansion of assisted suicide. 

    The problem for him, though, is that his own side openly admits the dishonesty of the pro-assisted suicide strategy. This is from an interview with Rep. Josh Elliott, in which he says the quiet part out loud:

    ""Almost no one” would qualify under that restricted version of the law, Elliott said. But passing it would open the door to evaluation and expansion."

    Boy, that is quite an admission. That's not just our side saying it. That is the pro-assisted suicide's legislative supporters saying it. 

    Again, FIC will keep fighting, on this and other issues, thanks to you. Watch for future updates in the weeks ahead. And again, my deepest gratitude to all of you who give us the means to carry on the fight for faith and family here in our home state.

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    Family Institute of Connecticut

    The Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC) is composed of three distinct organizations. FIC Action is an 501(c)(4) social welfare organization which undertakes lobbying in defense of marriage and the family. FIC Action Committee is a registered state political action committee that was created in 2004 to help support pro-family candidates to CT state government. Family Institute of Connecticut is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational organization founded in 1989 to focus on marriage strengthening projects, educational efforts, and research.

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