• Malerba: Stamford RTC Chair Esses Has Conflict Of Interest As BOE Member, Votes Against His Own Party

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    Dear Reader,

    I am writing in response to the Board of Education vote “Yes” to extend Superintendent Dr. Tamu Lucero’s contract for another three years. There are many reasons why I believe this decision is incorrect, but my focus now is on the deciding vote being cast by the current Chair of the Republican Town Committee, Mr. Joshua Esses. Mr. Esses is voting in opposition to all Republicans and Independently minded Democrats on the Board of Education.

    It was clear from our last Town Committee meeting that an overwhelming majority of our Membership does not support this decision. I’ve solicited opinions from our Board Members and as many Members and Associates as possible. Thus far, everyone opposes the vote for the contract extension. I’ve also spoken to many Democrats and Independents who oppose this decision as well.

    I’ve personally spoken to Mr. Esses, as have many others across both political parties. He has neither provided sound reasoning nor transparent guidance regarding his rationale on this decision.

    At a very minimum, this decision highlights the inherent conflicts of interest of sitting on two elected Boards within the city.

    If Mr. Esses believes he’s making the correct decision as a member of the Board of Education, that’s his prerogative. However, when that decision comes into obvious conflict with the Members of the Republican Town Committee, a divided house can not stand.

    My recommendation to Mr. Esses is to choose what’s most important to him. You can either be an elected official on the Board of Education or the Chair of the Republican Town Committee, but not both.

    James E Malerba, Stamford RTC Treasurer

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