• Mike Goldstein Is Aiming At Jim Himes

    He Will Make The Race In Fairfield County A Battle.

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    My close friend and fellow ophthalmologist, Dr. Michael Goldstein, is again seeking the Republican nomination for the Fourth Congressional District (Fairfield County) to challenge Democratic incumbent Jim Himes. This is his third attempt and there is a good chance he will be nominated at the convention.  I strongly endorse his candidacy.

    He is already starting to get momentum with favorable publicity.

    It takes guts to run for Congress in Deep Blue Connecticut. I should know, as I tried it as well. While the stereotype of Fairfield County is that it is some Republican bastion, this has not been true for decades. Jim Himes has held the seat since 2008 and only the talented former Republican State Senator Dan Debicella was able to keep Himes’ margin of victory to single digits.

    U.S. Congressional candidate Dr. Michael Goldstein.

    And that was in 2010 and 2014. Fairfield County has become more Democratic in the past decade and Goldstein’s fight is made even more difficult as the presumptive Republican nominee is Donald Trump.

    Anyone who wears a MAGA hat at a Fairfield County country club risks having his skull impaled with a corkscrew.

    But Goldstein is not intimidated. Unknown in 2022, he was the first person over forty years to petition onto the Republican Congressional Primary. Even as an unknown, he garnered 40% of the votes in the primary and won in the diverse towns of Greenwich, Easton and Oxford and losing by a handful of votes in Bridgeport. He has built up and maintained a strong grassroots support network and has remained active in local politics.

    Mike has recently been elected to the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting where he serves on the Health and Human Services Committee and as an alternate to the Finance Committee. He has been active in fighting poor local legislation, including the health impacts of electric leaf blowers to landscapers.

    One would wonder why a 74-year-old financially secure ophthalmologist living in Greenwich would want to challenge Himes. Why not hit the beach? Go on a cruise? Take a few strokes off your handicap?

    When asked Mike responds, “Patriotism” and a “Calling of Service”.

    Mike is an accomplished guy. An eye surgeon, he is a proven leader in the medical community and is the past President of the New York County Medical Society and former Chairman of its Board of Trustees and is still involved. He is the Past President of his Medical School Alumni Association and now is the Chairman of the Board of the Alumni Fund which gives out grants and scholarships to students in need. He is a member of his law school Alumni Board.

    He served on the Board of Trustees of Temple Sholom in Greenwich for six years. He is also vocal about the growing antisemitism and hate speech that goes unfettered. But Mike’s accomplishments do not stop there. By studying at night, he also obtained a law degree and became an expert in health-care law and anti-trust legislation. He has great ideas on how to reduce health care costs in Fairfield County. He understands how endless bureaucracy causes drug prices to skyrocket while manufacturing costs are decreasing.

    He understands how anti-trust laws rig the playing field so that insurance company executives, hospital administrators and software engineers make huge salaries while hard-working health care professionals labor like dogs to care for patients. He understands why patients are paying huge insurance company premiums with large deductibles to subsidize this racket.

    But Himes is entrenched and well known. If it were usual circumstances, Mike would have little chance. But no one has had a more disastrous presidency than Joe Biden in recent memory.  Beginning with inept withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s weakness and incompetence has the planet on fire – with wars in Ukraine, Gaza and Yemen. Inflation is rampant, crime is rampant, illegal immigrants are bankrupting our cities and Jim Himes thinks Biden is doing a great job.

    Where Himes is vulnerable is on the issue of bailouts. Himes supported the bailout of Silicon Valley Bank and will be a cheerleader for the further bailout of huge banks should the commercial real estate market collapse.

    Many do not realize that Goldman Sachs, Himes’ former employer and source of his fortune, was instrumental in creating in the illegal immigrant crisis today.

    In the 1990s while Himes was at the Latin American desk of Goldman Sachs, Mexican politicians, like all politicians worldwide, discovered that the best way to win elections is to promise services without raising taxes. To fund the resulting deficits, they issued bonds which are purchased by individual investors and institutions such as banks, brokerage firms, corporations and insurance companies.

    The Mexican government officials had suckered Wall Street into buying bonds that paid inordinately high interest rates while promising not to devalue the peso. Mexico then reneged, threatening to cost Wall Street and specifically Goldman Sachs a fortune.  Then the Wall Street Welfare State did what it does best, whine for a taxpayer bailout.

    And Jim Himes’ cronies and Goldman Sachs succeeded. Bill Clinton simply used his executive power to give the money to Mexico where it was then promptly sent to the coffers of Goldman Sachs where investment bankers received 7-figure bonuses to be lavished on ostentatious Hampton vacation homes, $3,000 bottles of wine and pre-Castro Cohibas.

    The hard-working Mexican laborer did not fare as well. Austerity measures were imposed. Inflation skyrocketed to 50%. The peso lost 40% of its value. Unemployment soared and businesses closed in droves. Since Mexican banks do not make fixed-rate loans, housing payments rose, and many lost their homes. Thus, the many crossed into our country looking for work to support their families.

    Another side effect was that farmers could not pay back their loans either, so they were forced to convert to lucrative crops – specifically cocaine and marijuana. The distribution of these drugs led to the rise of brutal and violent gangs.  This unleashed vicious drug wars in which tens of thousands of Mexicans were slaughtered. Some of these gangs spilled into the United States, expanding the drug market pushing the dangerous drug fentanyl across the county. There have been over one thousand fentanyl deaths in Connecticut alone in the past year and Jim Himes remains silent on the tragedy.

    Jim Himes is the poster boy for the corrupt inept political class that is destroying the American Dream. If Goldstein can get his message out, which he can, he will bloody Himes’ nose and maybe even win.

    A lot is at stake in this 2024 election. All Americans who want a better future for themselves, their children and grandchildren. Goldstein is not just another politician; he is a fighter, and he has active supporters and friends like me in his corner.

    In the meantime, he is using his voice to help Mazi Pilip who seeks to fill the seat left vacant by George Santos as that special election is an important vote to secure the House while sending a message that America supports Israel against the Squad, hate speech, Hamas and antisemitism.

    Please support him at www.goldsteinforcongress.com and his email at [email protected]

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    Dr. Joseph Bentivegna

    Dr. Joseph Bentivegna is an ophthalmologist in private practice who ran for Congress and US Senate in Connecticut. You can subscribe to his Substack here: https://substack.com/@jfbentivegna

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    A concerned parent

    Dr. G is a huge embarrassment. Just like Dr. B!

    Paul A

    Attacking is campaigning for socialist democrats because they can’t run on their platforms that do not resonate with the American people. There are established countries that would satisfy your wishes where you wouldn't have to try so hard.

    Sharon L Natale

    Patriotism” and a “Calling of Service -we need every one of you willing to give it a run.

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