• MIRESSI: Is This The Straw That Broke The Camel's Back?

    Daniel Miressi.

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    On August 1, 2019, Governor Lamont and a team of state lawmakers and agency heads, with the state’s media press pool in tow, toured the newly constructed SEMA4 lab in Stamford. On the same day, Oak HC/FT announced an $800 million dollar fund. By the end of the month, some of that money was going into a $120 million Series B funding round for SEMA4. An investment group that included BlackRock and a Chinese Investment bank” (Credit: gcolli.com)

    Whether it’s SEMA 4, No Bid Contracts for state projects, or back door deals with the Saudi’s: personal investments “happen to surface” in the Governor’s portfolio. If only the Connecticut citizens can get a return on their tax dollar the way the CT Democrat Party and its REGIME Leader get on their investments. For the last 30 years the UniParty in Hartford has treated our Nutmeg state like a SHELL corporation; all while our citizens become OVERTAXED, OVERBURDENED and OVERLOOKED. — Are we supposed to believe that Ned does not talk to his wife Annie Lamont, CTs very own Hunter 2.0, about their overseas dealings and bank account? Especially given the ramifications it could have on her husband’s office.

    The citizens of our great state deserve transparency and answers. Ones we won’t get from our CORRUPT state run media whom were quick to attack our GOP governor candidate for something far less, but are conspicuously quiet about the controversy surrounding the sitting governor and his wife. This is a travesty of incomprehensible proportions. Unfortunately, our elected state republicans are TOO BUSY with the cocktail party circuit and Barbie premiere to notice. We need more than “strongly worded” letters  — The CT Dems BRAND is just like Joe Biden’s, using the office and nepotism to peddle influence.

    We deserve investigations into this current administration's MANY DECEITS!

    Submitted by Daniel Miressi

    Daniel Miressi was a candidate for Connecticut State Senate in 2022 in Connecticut's 25th District. You can find him on Twitter, now X, at @DanMiressiCT.

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Got that right, Dan. CT is captured by a corrupt elite - serving themselves 24/7.

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