• Mismanagement At The Nathaniel Witherell

    October 19, 2023
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    The Nathaniel Witherell Board in Greenwich is and has been dominated and controlled by Democrats, including Selectperson Jane Stone-McGuigan and BET liaison Laura Erickson, for years.

    Fiscal mismanagement has led to over $12 million, if not more, that has not been billed to payers and private pay residents, according to a recent accounts receivable analysis (see below).

    Of the ~$12 million, only approximately $6 million can be potentially recovered, with another million dollar plus expenditure going to cover consultants and recovery costs. In the end, the Town of Greenwich could wind up losing perhaps $7 million or more due to the failure of the Witherell Board and its former Chairman, also a Democrat, to perform one of the most basic tasks—billing for the care provided at Witherell.

    If this kind of mismanagement happened in a public company, those responsible would be fired, yet that is not the case with The Witherell.

    Taxpayers want answers and accountability from the Board, including Stone-McGuigan, and also BET liaison Erickson, especially since it's a municipal election year.

    When did they know about the billing issues? What steps did they take once they knew about the problem? How do they plan on ensuring that money isn't left on the table like this in the future?

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    THANK YOU I so appreciate this article

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