• MONTANARO: Greenwich Is A Beautiful, Well-Run Town Thanks To Decades Of Republican Leadership

    RTC Vice-Chair Joe Montanaro. Source: Greenwich Republicans.

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    People chose Greenwich for a reason. It is the best place to live, work, raise a family and retire. Republicans have delivered a top-notch safe community with excellent and renown schools, affordable taxes, commercial centers, parks and nature preserves, recreation and boating, multiple beaches, civic centers, museums and the arts, ferry boats, golf courses, train stations and so much more. This lifestyle has been created by Republican stewardship.

    The Greenwich Republican’s slate of BET candidates will uphold our way of life and continue to do it in a responsible manner so as to keep taxes affordable, our streets safe, schools fully-funded and property values high. We will also fight to make sure town Democrats, and their friends in Hartford, do not get their way on taking over local zoning so they can build high-rises in your backyards.

    Greenwich Democrats are desperately scrambling for something to run on. The coordinated effort of their messaging to falsely classify us active members of the community, who currently make up the Greenwich Republicans, as hateful is equal parts feckless and outlandish. Local "journalists" should be ashamed of themselves for even entertaining and distributing that nonsense. Thankfully, our nation, our state, and our town are wise to such name-calling and silencing tactics, and have completely rebuked recent "stories."

    The Greenwich Democrats self-proclaimed “civil, fact-based campaign” has been anything but.

    Here is a rundown of recent outbursts by the local DTC and their allies.

    Democrat State Rep. Stephen Meskers says “Republicans hate our kids” because he feels the $330 million, yes $330 million, tax dollars allocated this year is not enough to fund our schools.

    Source: Facebook

    Then a groomer sign stunt at town hall which was appropriately called out by us as a hoax early on. Wonder who was behind that? Greenwich residents are well aware that Democrats have pulled “Sign-Gates” in the past.

    Then the Democrats moved on to calling Republicans racists.

    If we had a nickel for every time that happened, we could fund the League of Women Voters' fictional $1.6 billion in projects!

    For those who have been paying attention, we do not focus on a person's religion, race or ethnic background as the Democrat party is seemingly obsessed with doing.

    Then the Greenwich DTC and Connecticut Democrat Party reached deep into the abyss and called us antisemitic for factually stating that one of their BET candidates worked for a well-known Globalism group called the World Economic Forum and a think tank called “New America.”  Look those up. The ideals of Globalism have a direct, negative effect on the well-being and preservation of our community. This clearly explains its relevance in our municipal elections.

    We must have hit a nerve!

    Perhaps this is why the DTC and certain members of the local media immediately went on the defensive and attacked two members of the Republican slate. Severely triggered by some social media posts of one BOE candidate, and then dredging up a story to discredit a decades long Greenwich resident, they colluded to pounce and defame.

    We are immensely proud of our exceptional BET and brave BOE slates. The Greenwich Republicans will never relent on how vital it is that we concentrate on our BOE candidates' commitments to preserving parental rights, prioritizing ACADEMICS in the classroom, and protecting opportunities/competition for girls in sports. These values should form the basis of our discussion for the benefit of the kids AND parents. The simplest explanation for the DTC’s aimless attacks is that they, like all of you, moved here because Greenwich is a beautiful, well-run town thanks to decades long Republican leadership. Nothing is perfect, but I can guarantee you that these Greenwich Republicans will work vigorously each day to get as close to perfection as possible.

    Join our Common Sense, Pro-Greenwich Team.

    Joe Montanaro
    Cos Cob
    Vice-Chair, Greenwich Republicans

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