• Greenwich Democrat Town Committee Doesn't Want You To Think About Globalist On BET Slate

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    The folks at the Connecticut Centinal seem to have gotten under the skin of the Greenwich Democrat Town Committee (DTC).

    So much so that the DTC took to the local press to decry two recent Centinal articles that revealed Greenwich RTM member and BET candidate, Scott Kalb, as a former World Economic Forum globalist, and now part of a think tank that wants to reshape America according to a progressive vision.  He is apparently “dedicated” to supporting United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goals which include climate change, for instance.  And Kalb also pushed to sell out Greenwich election integrity for Zuckbucks.

    Here are the two articles in question:

    1) World Economic Forum Globalist Behind Greenwich Push For Zuckbucks  (1/30/2023)

    2) Greenwich: Dems Upset After RTC Shares Factual Article About WEF Globalist, Falsely Calling It "Hate Speech” (8/17/2023)

    Interestingly, neither the Letter to the Editor posted in the Greenwich Free Press, nor the article in the Greenwich Time, included links to the articles from the Connecticut Centinal that were being attacked. 

    Probably because the Centinal articles are factual and serve as an important caution for the people of Greenwich. 

    The Greenwich Time article even goes so far as to suggest that the word “globalist” is a slur that “we cannot normalize in any way, shape or form”.  Really?  It’s not just the term for a person who adopts the political ideology of globalism that was first described in the 1940’s?  When did the definition change? Was it because the orange man used the word?

    By the way, the Cambridge Dictionary definition says a globalist is "someone who believes that economic and foreign policy should be planned in an international way, rather than according to what is best for one particular country.”  

    Or in this case, what is best for one particular town, Greenwich.

    The DTC absolutely does not want you to talking about how Kalb might make decisions to support unpopular globalist goals (e.g., DEI, ESG, climate change) once he is seated on the BET.  The DTC didn’t spend any time dispelling that allegation, so don’t look here!  

    Instead, the DTC wants to keep people divided by religion, race and political affiliation.

    And falsely accusing those opposed to globalism of being racists and antisemites is just one of the division tactics.  

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