• MONTANARO: Highly-Esteemed Dr. Michael Goldstein Will Be Amazing Asset On Nathaniel Witherell Board

    September 17, 2023
    Dr. Michael Goldstein

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    The Democrat party continues their unapologetic and ruthless attacks on all things Republican.

    Propaganda truly is all they have, since they clearly have no shame. Now they are going after yet another stellar member of our community – Dr. Michael Goldstein, a 30+ year resident and exemplary medical doctor. Why are they so enraged to the point of mobilizing and passing out a petition full of defamatory lies to keep him from The Nathaniel Witherell board? Could it be the Democrat Candidate for First Selectman was on the board of The Nathaniel Witherell and is fearful the immensely competent Dr. Goldstein will open the books?

    I am adding a message from Dr. Michael Goldstein himself. Please read it. His motivation for joining The Nathaniel Witherell is pure and noble. It demonstrates his dedication to serving our community and the residents of Nathaniel Witherell:

    “I have been nominated and approved by the Appointments Committee of the RTM to serve on the Board of the Nathaniel Witherell Nursing Home. I was not approved by the heavily Democrat controlled Public Health Committee due to a strong campaign against me by Amy Badini and the Family Council of the Nathaniel Witherell. Their attack against Brad Radulovacki and myself the only two Republicans who, if approved, would serve on a 9-member board is also an attack on Fred Camillo and his campaign for re- election. These are tactics that are telling for this November.

    The Democrats and their machine have attacked my character and reputation with false information without ever speaking to me. Their two claims are that I am Fred Camillo’s pawn in a scheme to privatize Nathaniel Witherell and that is my sole purpose of wanting to serve on the Board. Those of you that know me realize how totally untrue that statement is. I have wanted to make a meaningful impact to a vital service of Greenwich and our elderly population which may include some of your parents and grandparents.

    Their second argument is that because I am an alleged “anti-vaxxer” I am unqualified to serve on the Witherell Board. Here too, the facts are incorrect. I am against vaccine mandates and I do believe that the decision to be vaccinated is not one that should be made by politicians but instead made by each person after discussing it with their own doctor.

    I, as have many physicians based on published medical literature, believe that acquired immunity from previous covid infection is at least equivalent if not better than vaccine immunity and therefore those who have become naturally immune do not need to be vaccinated for covid.

    However, that opinion or the medical reasons surrounding my decision not to take the covid vaccine for medical reasons on the advice of my subspecialist physician are irrelevant to my serving on the Witherell Board for two reasons:

    The first is that the public health emergency has been lifted and there is no vaccine mandate. Secondly if there were to be one as a board member I would insist that Witherell comply with any legal mandates including vaccine mandates. In addition, a vaccine does not make me more or less qualified as it has nothing to do with my extensive experience as a physician who serves his patients and has also worked on Hospital Boards to make healthcare more efficient and improve patient outcomes.

    Monday night is the RTM meeting where Brad and my nomination will be challenged by the radical Democrat mob using the proxy organization of the Family Council of Nathaniel Witherell. It is a call to action on our part and we must send the message by putting us on the board.

    I ask for your continued support and the Support of Fred Camillo and Lauren Rabin who nominated me to fight for Brad and I on Monday.

    Thanks for Your Support.

    -Dr. Michael Goldstein"

    Joe Montanaro
    Cos Cob
    Vice-Chair, Greenwich Republicans

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    Mary Ann Overbaugh

    Congratulations Dr. Goldstein.

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