• Moving Further And Further Left

    November 6, 2023

    A Greenwich Democrat (DTC) approved slate in D12 took out a New York Times 'advert' calling other citizen volunteers “extremists.”

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    This follows the DTC Chairman calling Republicans “Antisemites” and the DTC’s now infamous “freak-out” email accusing the same RTM volunteers. This is a delusion in line with signs all over town tying First Selectman Fred Camillo to Ron Desantis, presumably in support of the notion that all Republicans are evil, even if it is well known that New York Covid deaths were 27% higher than Florida’s.

    Photo of the NY Times 'mock' advert.

    These mock adverts go along with statements by DTC mouthpieces and stooges, like Voices for Democracy and the so-called “Voting Moms” who all echo the same fear-mongering and misinformation. The Moms, being Jenna Lowe and Emily Goodman, apparently expect people to believe that “their homework” did not include consultation with DTC members and that after a short time in Greenwich they know enough to advise the entire population on who is “extremist” having never spoken to any of the candidates.

    The irony is not lost on Centinal that it was the Greenwich Democrats who promoted a slate of RTM candidates in a clearly coordinated effort with James Waters and Dan Quigley, two disgruntled RTM members with very high opinions of their opinions. And, the Greenwich Time went right along for the ride with some shoddy and highly partisan reporting.

    These ladies along with has-been republicans, like Dan Quigley, who have done an about-face to join with the Democrats, are pawns to the Democrats. The Democrats were busy using the same line of attack since the divisive “Indivisible” came to town. And even Waters and Quigley were at each other, before Quigley started singing the Democrat “extremists” tune.

    Source: Facebook

    The Moms have been duped, but folks like Quigley, Waters, Bernstein and Lash are busy chasing after the Democrats, moving further and further left, hoping they can then make a comeback and lead the Republicans into the hallucinogenic mental haze currently gripping the left. Good luck to them. But in the meantime, the Far-left DTC are happy to take advantage of these simpletons.

    These folks help the Democrats deflect and project their own extremism onto others by yelling “LOOK Extremists” about people who want civility and logic in our political discourse rather than emotionally driven, clenched fist shouting. Who are the extremists? Look to the left and their hand puppets.

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