• Greenwich Yard Signs, Allegedly Paid From "Signgate" Settlement, Appear After New York Times Fluff Piece

    October 24, 2023
    Joe Biden and Mark Kordick, Source: Facebook

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    Yesterday, the New York Times published a fluff piece about disgraced former Greenwich Police Officer, Mark Kordick and his role in what has become known as "Signgate" in town.

    Kordick, a Democrat, a member of left-wing Greenwich Indivisible and an ardent never-Trumper, decided to make political signs that tied Camillo to Trump before the 2019 municipal election, hoping that any association with the "Orange Man" might reflect poorly on Camillo.

    It didn't work.

    Camillo won that election with nearly 60% of the vote, became First Selectman and, effectively, police commissioner. 

    Five months later, Kordick retired from the Greenwich Police with a full pension, coincidentally at the same time he was about to be fired over multiple, serious disciplinary issues, including allegedly creating a hostile work environment and harassing a female former police captain.

    Source: Gustovich v. Town of Greenwich

    Kordick filed notice of his intent to sue Greenwich the following month, alleging that he had been retaliated against, and that Camillo had jeopardized his employment by exposing his underhanded role in the childish Signgate prank.

    The case dragged on for years until the Town's insurance company forced a settlement with Kordick for $650,000 in September, even though the Greenwich RTM Claims Committee had just voted against a settlement.

    For some reason the New York Times felt compelled to cover the story more than a month after the news broke, perfectly timed to throw a wrench into Camillo's re-election campaign.

    This appears to be by design, as it's not the first time that political operatives in Greenwich have called upon The Gray Lady to do their bidding.

    Just last year former RTC Chair Dan Quigley was featured in the Times complaining about the "far right" take-over of the town's Republican Party, a take-over that resulted in Quigley getting completely booted from the Republican Town Committee after he failed to support parental rights and chose to sow division inside his own party.

    Now that Kordick has settlement money, he's apparently decided to taunt Camillo once again by repeating his childish sign prank, but this time by tying Camillo to Ron DeSantis, who held a campaign event in Greenwich attended by Camillo.

    The new signs were allegedly paid with funds from Kordick's settlement with the Town.

    The fine print says, "Paid for by Mark Kordick with proceeds from "Kordick v. Town of Greenwich, et al"

    The Centinal heard from a number of Greenwich residents familiar with Kordick, a well-known radical left political operative in Town.

    Not a single one of them was surprised to see Kordick, who is running for re-election to the town's governing body, the RTM, taunting Camillo like this. In fact, Kordick was repeatedly called out by Greenwich residents for posting nasty comments on social media, for trying to intimidate community members who attended a press conference held by former U.S. Senate candidate Leora Levy in 2022, and other concerning behavior.

    Mark Kordick, filming people who attended a press conference with then U.S. Senate Candidate, Leora Levy.

    Kordick, whose Twitter profile features a symbol from a Communist Chinese motorcycle enthusiast club, runs quite an account. It's filled with hateful, angry posts that regularly call people cowards, racists, transphobes, brownshirts, xenophobes, extremists, and the list goes on, taking a page right out of the Communist playbook so eloquently described at a recent event in Avon, CT.

    Source: X (formerly, Twitter)

    Kordick's rants on Facebook, especially those posted under articles and Op Eds published by the Greenwich Free Press, are prolific.

    Whether the divisive strategy of name-calling and making mean-spirited social media posts will help Kordick get re-elected to the Town's governing body remains to be seen.

    Greenwich residents interviewed by the Centinal asked to remain anonymous so that they didn't incur Kordick's wrath on social media.

    But suffice it to say, they have had enough of the antagonizing behavior, and cited the antics of Kordick and other political animals as the inspiration for the record number of people running for RTM this year.

    Source: Facebook

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    Just a little sussie

    Finally! Thank you for pointing the finger at Kordick..
    He is acting in the very hate in which he claims to stand against. Wake up Greenwich.

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