• NEA Teachers Union President Says SCOTUS "Failed To Uphold American Values" In Decision To End Racist College Admissions Policy

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    National Education Association (NEA) President Becky Pringle expressed frustration over the US Supreme Court decision to end Affirmative Action in multiple interviews on MSNBC, calling it a "gut punch" but assured they are not done fighting.

    She likened the decision to putting a big red stamp on a paper that says "access and opportunity denied" and assured that "historically marginalized groups" will suffer the most if they could no longer be judged on the color of their skin.

    She cautioned that "race matters" since it "carves out lanes of opportunity and peril" in this allegedly systemically racist country of ours. She also advised that students applying to schools like Harvard should use essays to tell their stories of race and racism, as if this is the most important part of college applications.

    Pringle went on MSNBC the a second time, this time complaining that, "this extremist, out-of-touch court has now failed our families, failed our students, and honestly, they have failed at upholding American values."

    Pringle made the rather ironic statement about American values at a time when the NEA is sporting a progressive pride flag in its Twitter profile picture, conducting Racial & Social Justice training workshops for members, and backing biological boys playing in sports with biological girls.

    Those aren't American values, but they are definitely progressive values.

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