• SCOTUS Ruling On Affirmative Action Leaves CT Democrats Fuming

    Source: Right Wing Savages.

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    The Supreme Court decision that put an end to race-based college admissions is making headlines around the country today.

    People have been shocked to learn about the real impact that race-based decisions have had on Harvard admissions. For example, an African American student in the 40th percentile of Harvard’s academic index was more likely to get in than an Asian student in the 100th percentile.

    One tweet in particular is causing a lot of controversy for suggesting that black people cannot succeed based on their own merit.

    Source: Twitter

    Whether the account is real or parody remains to be seen. Nonetheless, it is true that Democrats are losing their minds over the SCOTUS decision, and already looking for ways to get around it so they can continue to use skin color, rather than merit, as the basis for admissions decisions.  

    Senator Dick Blumenthal said the decision was "misguided" and "a major blow to the fight for equality & racial justice”.  His son, Matt, argued that the decision would increase racial inequality, but added that Harvard could still use the personal essay exception to address affirmative action. Harvard seems to understand that.

    Senator Chris Murphy said the decision was a “devastating reminder of what happens when Republicans win the White House” and then used the SCOTUS ruling as a fundraising opportunity.

    US Rep Rosa DeLauro was hugely disappointed about the decision and called it a “roadblock” for racial justice.

    AG Tong blamed "right-wing extremists” for allegedly using families like his to advance a "hate-based agenda” in a lengthy statement he issued. He apparently wants to keep the "painful reality of racism" front and center in people's minds.

    But perhaps most telling, LT Gov Susan Bysiewicz promised more DEI to combat alleged “systemic racism” in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling.  

    Of course, DEI is another way to spell critical race theory, so at least now you know what is coming down the pike. Look to the left to double-down DEI efforts as a way to undermine the SCOTUS ruling. And also to stop it from spreading to corporate America's DEI efforts.

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    James Kress

    The Left is desperate to make sure Blacks believe they are unable to succeed without special privileges that only the Left can provide. This is just the continuance of the Left's activities to ensure Blacks remain convinced they can never succeed and firmly ensconced of the Left's plantations.

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