• New Principal At Greenwich Elementary School Ought To Fit In Nicely With The Equity Agenda

    What's up with that weird comic book panel he commented about on social media?

    Jason Martín.
    Source: Greenwich Public Schools

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    What's going on with all of the new elementary school principals in Greenwich Public Schools?

    The district has appointed 5 new elementary school principals over the last year and a half (Cos Cob, Hamilton Ave, Julian Curtiss, New Lebanon, Riverside) and three different middle school principals (EMS, WMS, and WMS again).

    That means leadership has changed at nearly half of Greenwich elementary schools, and two out of three middle schools in a short time. And we're not even counting all of the "assistant principal" changes.

    Last week we highlighted two of the recent principals hired in the district because they seemed to meet the new "equity" and "social justice" criteria that Greenwich Superintendent Jones now has for evaluating educators. These two principals also appeared to be somewhat ethically challenged, both having been previously fined by the New York City Conflicts of Interest Board.

    It sure makes you wonder if the Superintendent or hiring committee takes the simple step of "googling" prospective hires to see if anything comes up?

    Which brings us to the most recent principal hired into the district, Jason Martín, who starts at Riverside Elementary School effective July 1st. Martín has been the principal of West Gate K-8 School in Port Saint Lucie, FL, for the last couple of years.

    He also maintains a website to showcase his philosophy of education, his presentations, and more, including a link to his social media account on X, @LearningSquire.

    We cruised through Martín's X account, and wondered what the hell he was thinking when he responded to a post that asked for "the greatest examples of fight scenes in comic book history."

    Someone named Orville Androwski responded with a panel from The Pro, a 2002 parody featuring a down-on-her-luck hooker given superpowers by an alien. The comic is known for its vulgar language and actions, violence, bloody retributions, graphic scenes of sex acts, and more.

    Martín responded to Androwski's post, "YOU WIN!!! Nothing beats this" and included a laughing emoji.

    Screenshot, X

    What's strange is that his X account seems to otherwise be almost entirely focused on education, so perhaps this was just one of those little slips... like maybe he thought he was responding from a different social media account, and not the one linked to his professional website?

    Either way, it's an awfully weird post for an elementary school principal to acknowledge.

    Outside of that, Martín's social media account largely focused on his ideas about education, though he was happy to see Biden "win" in 2020.

    Martín seems to be opposed to grading homework because "grades outweigh the importance of knowing things."

    He further shared eight lessons about grading from Rick Wormeli's book, Fair Isn't Always Equal. While some of Wormeli's lessons seem valuable, others make us wonder. For instance, one of the lessons suggests that grades must be about mastery to "ensure accuracy, equity, and objectivity". Does that mean grading for equity?

    By the way, Wormeli has been accused of "dumbing down education" by lowering expectations so maybe he's not the best role model for a principal in a high-achieving district to follow?

    Screenshot, X.

    In 2020 Martín shared a Harvard Graduate School of Education article that suggested using the pandemic to transform schools in order to keep "race and equity" in focus and help combat the alleged "systemic racism" in this country.

    Focusing on race and equity after the George Floyd "Summer of Love"? Gee, where have we heard that before?

    The Harvard article also included a link to a ton of woke "anti-racism resources" for "white people and parents" to deepen their anti-racism work. The lessons focus on the debunked 1619 Project, Ibram X. Kendi's racist book on antiracism, the race-baiting book Superintendent Jones required Greenwich educators to read after the Summer of Love (White Fragility), and even the communist-friendly Zinn Education Project, which promotes anti-American interpretations of history and progressive education modules (e.g., climate change, Black Lives Matter, "abolish Columbus Day").

    Screenshots, Anti-racism resources

    How much insight do you think Martín gained from this "equity" article he recommended reading? Does he employ those insights in the classroom to achieve "racial equity" himself?

    Should we also presume that Martín scored well on Superintendent Jones' "equity" and "social justice" evaluation criteria, especially knowing the resources he chooses to recommend?

    What should we presume about all of the principal changes happening in Greenwich schools under Superintendent Jones' supervision?

    What's driving the turnover? Is it all organic? Are principals finding better opportunities or are there other issues at play? Will there be stability with principals at the other 6 elementary schools?

    And perhaps most importantly, how should this information figure into the Board of Education's discussion about renewing the contract for Superintendent Toni Jones?

    P.S. It seems Martín is also a fan of World Economic Forum stooge and Klaus Schwab advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, and lists Harari's book Sapiens among his top 7 book choices. As a reminder, Harari is the guy who welcomes a globalist future with constant ‘under the skin’ surveillance.  He's also the guy who infamously asked, “What do we need humans for? Or at least, what do we need so many humans for?” and even said, "we just don't need the vast majority of the population."

    Screenshot, X.

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