• Nextdoor Moderator Shuts Down Discussion on Greenwich Public Schools; Calls It "Conspiracy Theory" After Story Confirmed To Be True

    Screenshot, Nextdoor

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    A fascinating debate erupted on the social media site Nextdoor about what’s going on in Greenwich Public Schools. It all started with this post:

    Screenshot, Nextdoor

    The original poster rather prophetically wondered if the post would be deleted because of the nature of the content — a story about a video that was played for second graders a couple years ago in Greenwich. The video featured a cartoon silhouette of a dad with a fully erect penis poking at the head of a sad looking child, amid other graphic and scary imagery.

    Screenshot, Youtube.

    Many people on the string denied that the incident happened, but it most certainly did take place in March 2021. 

    In fact, a quick google search for the terms “Greenwich second graders video erect penis” yields a litany of results from the NY PostWashington ExaminerLaw Enforcement TodayBreitbartGreenwich Time, and the list goes on and on. The full video can be seen here.

    Further down in the string, which eventually totaled nearly 250 posts, you can see that the Editor of the Greenwich Free Press confirmed the veracity and timing of the story.

    Screenshot, Nextdoor

    The outrage was due to the fact that this parent had not heard the story about the second graders seeing this video before. So it was "news" to her, even if it was a couple years after the original incident took place.

    Nonetheless, the video incident is clearly not fake news.

    It was, however, completely written off by many people as a simple accident, nothing more than a one-time mistake, without taking into consideration any of the serious and negative impacts that video had on the children who had seen it.

    Other people pointed out that there has been a pattern of inappropriate content found in Greenwich Public Schools, including the most recent incident where parents' requests to opt out of radical gender ideology lessons were ignored by a 9th grade health teacher.

    Screenshot, Khan Academy

    Then a mother whose child had seen the erection video contributed to the discussion. She talked at length, and very honestly about the negative impact it had on her daughter, who still is haunted by the imagery to this very day. So much so that the family is actually leaving Greenwich, a decision that was surely not made lightly.

    Shortly after that poignant post was made, the Nextdoor moderator decided to shut down the discussion, and remove the original post along with all of the nearly 250 comments.

    "Evan M." decided it was all just a conspiracy theory.

    Screenshot, Nextdoor

    Even after the story was confirmed to be true by the journalist who broke the story and by multiple parents in the district, including those whose children were actually inside the classroom.

    It really makes you wonder who decided to make "Evan M." the Thought Police, doesn't it?

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    This is so upsetting. It’s bad enough we deal with Big Tech like Facebook limiting Free Speech and hiding Truth…now even small venues and your very own neighbors are doing it. You would think residents want to see the Truth about what is happening in our schools, instead of hiding it or blatantly lying about it. Very sad to see the direction Greenwich is heading. Thank you for sharing. We need to get the Truth out.

    Father K. Best

    Just wait until the people who try and censor the Truth are visited by Karma.
    It will be a beautiful thing!!

    Menshiki Wataru

    Wow , truly disgusting . How did this happen right under our noses ? Thank you for letting Greenwich know there are consequences for your actions ! ! The " crazies have crawled from the wood work " , as is said , and the company did the right thing and removed this post ! Shameful . Very disappointing that people here have not learned how to read rules

    Michael C

    The app is really hard left liberal propaganda. Anything you’d say that goes against their beliefs they flag as misinformation. This news article was posted on the app and everybody kept attacking the poster. I tried to chime in and let people know what actually happened and I was removed from the app as if this morning.


    Nextdoor is liberal garbage.

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