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    It’s just human capital, like jelly fish and woodpeckers!

    Yuval Noah Harari at a local TEDx event (12/8/14)

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    “Human rights are just like heaven or God. It’s just a fictional story that we’ve invented and spread around. It may be a very nice story, it may be a very attractive story we want to believe it, but it’s just a story. It’s not a reality. It is not a biological reality, just as jelly fish, woodpeckers, and ostriches, have no rights, homo sapiens have no rights also. Take a human cut him open, look inside you find their blood, you find the heart, the lungs and kidneys, but you don’t find there are any rights. The only place you find rights are in the fictional stories that humans have invented and spread around.” 

    - Yuval Harari, featured historian, speaker and philosopher, at World Economic Forum.

    Human capital is a commodity and just like cattle, or fish, the human has no rights. Rights are a fairytale. The stakeholders are the trustees of the earth and they plan to control all of her natural resources, her animals, both human and beast, her oceans and her fish, her air, and the bugs that burrow in the ground. Who are the stakeholders? The powerful elite and politicians that serve them. This is the core philosophy of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the stakeholders behind it. Welcome to the new age of Information Technology aka IT, Artificial Intelligence, aka AI, and Financial Tech aka FinTech, where you are outsourced, or just plain useless. Data is the gold. Whoever controls and manages data has a lot of power.

    “Previously in history the most important resource was land. Then it was machines. Now data is the most important resource. Politics is becoming the struggle to control data, and the future belongs to those who monopolize the data. One of the biggest political questions of our era is, How do you regulate the ownership of data?” 

    - Yuval Harari. (You can read more about The Hackable Human.)

    I want to connect all the dots to show a full picture of how Harari’s ideas and The Fourth Industrial Revolution are very relevant to our lives here in the United States, especially here in Connecticut.

    “The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

    - The World Economic Forum (bold is my emphasis) 

    Our state is run on public, private, partnerships. Every citizen really needs to under stand this fact. Lamont has created MANY new public, private, partnerships in CT. These partnerships have tentacles around the world that affect many facets of our life locally. Many policy laws coming out of Hartford are indeed shaped by The World Economic Forum and the global agenda to usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Not only that, the State of Connecticut is home to some of the most powerful people in the world. It is a regional hub favorite for those that want to get to Manhattan in a jiffy. When the governor brags about people moving into the state he is talking about the rich and powerful class who benefit gloriously from Lamont’s horrendous public, private, partnerships, and the taxation they create. The partnership I am discussing today is called PACT, an acronym for Partnership to Advance the Connecticut of Tomorrow aka PACT. As a small state Connecticut is also a great testing ground for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and rulership via stakeholder capitalism.

    Screenshot, World Economic Forum

    We have shipped many of our well paying jobs overseas over the last several decades and it has been disastrous for regular citizens. Are we being outsourced on purpose? The government has made it easy for global companies to promise jobs to American citizens, but actually hire people outside of the United States. Immigration laws enacted under George Bush Sr., created what is known as the alphabet of visas. This is one loophole that not only undermines the tax system we all pay into, American IT professionals are being replaced with cheaper foreign labor. Some of this labor is under student visas and does not require companies to pay anything. What a racket, get millions of dollars of tax payer funded grants to hire American citizens. Then not hire Americans and not be required to disclose who you hire. Our checks and balances are failing us. Human capital is a worldwide commodity. How convenient to avoid labor laws, taxes, and get millions for doing it! All the while the headlines scream, JOBS CREATED! Meanwhile the reality is a stark dystopia wrapped up in a pretty PR package. Is Infosys using taxpayer funds to not only skirt hiring Americans, but “re-skilling” foreign workers on our dime? What is the “reselling revolution”?

    Screenshots, World Economic Forum and Infysys

    Infosys is a global company that offers IT and AI services and was featured in DAVOS, Switzerland recently where the World Economic Forum’s holds its annual meeting of global business leaders and politicians. Infosys made Hartford its Innovation Hub in 2018 promising thousands of good paying jobs for CT tech workers.

    Screenshot, Infosys

    Infosys (NYSE: INFY), a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, today inaugurated its Technology and Innovation Hub in Hartford. Infosys also announced that it has hired more than 7,000 American workers in the last 18 months as part of its ongoing commitment to accelerate the pace of digital innovation for American enterprises.”

    Yet Infosys has been fined for fraud and violating immigration laws throughout the country. This is no secret and has been happening for many years. Since 2013 as far as I could find in my search. It may go back further.

    We entrust our government to represent our rights. To uphold the law and take an oath to the Constitution. Unfortunately our government has been captured by public, private, partnerships. Nowhere is this more evident  than in the State of Connecticut. We may be a small state, but our government is on the global stage, especially under the technocratic leadership of Governor Ned Lamont. I have written at length about Ned Lamont, and his wife Annie’s venture capital firm, Oak HC/FT, and how they use public, private, partnerships, to hide both their profit and agendas. You can read that here: Governor Lamont and the Lost Constitution State This is not new to Connecticut, the government has been littered with cronyism and corruption for decades with each administration it gets worse. Ned Lamont has earned himself the reputation of governing like a king without consequence.

    Malloy left office as one of the most unpopular governors in the state’s history. It was a miracle equally unpopular Ned Lamont became his successor. Before Malloy left he made the deal with Infosys that promised to create good quality jobs in Information and Technology for Connecticut residents. It wasn’t Malloy’s deal though. It was Lamont’s. Lamont worked with business mogul Indra Nooyi before he became governor to bring Infosys to Connecticut.

    Infosys is promising 1,000 new jobs – but the state is not requiring that those jobs go to American citizens. Infosys has a long history of discriminating against Americans. The company’s US workforce is made up almost entirely of workers from India, who are here on an alphabet soup of Visas (e.g., L-1, B-1, OPT [workers in this program don’t have to be paid at all]). Note: Infosys was fined a record $34 million for fraud and abuse of the Visa system.

    - CT Techworker Coalition

    Many nefarious deals come with the promise of jobs. These deals are almost always made in backrooms and released to the public via a PR firm disguised as a press release with all the right buzz words to sell it to the unknowing public, good jobs, economy, et cetera. They rarely produce what is promised. Why did Lamont work a deal for $58 million with a company that has a record of fines and violations? Why didn’t the mainstream press ever question Lamont about this. Why doesn’t the press question Lamont about Oak HC/FT? How has Oak HC/FT faired with the Infosys deal? It would be great if the Connecticut Office of State Ethics would do their job!

    “Ned Lamont's family hedge fund (Oak HC/FT Partners) investments to Rapyd, a global Fintech-as-a-service provider and Unqork, both having documented common-investment ties to Infosys.” Swick Speaks

    Screenshot, World Economic Forum

    Indra Nooyi is a shrewd business woman. She and the Lamonts have a long history, but Annie Lamont is the real business connection in this game. Annie, labeled the lady with a “Midas Touch” by Forbes, is behind the scenes making it happen. Ned Lamont is an image that sells an illusion. Many Connecticut folks think that Lamont is an affable old hippie peace nick. He has been seen many times in public sporting a dancing bears belt. So people think he’s a regular guy and they can trust him. Yet it’s really just a public relations package. Lamont is a very wealthy and connected man. The heir of Thomas Morgan, CEO of JP Morgan. It is no coincidence that Lamont surrounds himself with bankers like, David Lehman, a top Goldman Sachs executive, and Webster Bank CEO Jim Smith. Nooyi, Smith, and Lehman, under Lamont formed public, private, partnership: Partnership to Advance the Connecticut of Tomorrow aka PACT, to attract businesses like Infosys. Lamont enticed Infosys with millions of dollars in taxpayer funds. The first deal with Infosys was for $18 million, made under Governor Malloy. When Lamont took office, Infosys got another $20 million to create a thousand jobs a year. Infosys also received a no bid five year contract with Connecticut for $20 million to run the Department of Social Services. That’s some big money to run the DSS for five years!

    Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. The company was founded in Pune and is headquartered in Bangalore. Infosys is the second-largest Indian IT company, after Tata Consultancy Services, by 2020 revenue figures. On 24 August 2021, Infosys became the fourth Indian company to reach US$100 billion in market capitalization.

    We hear the same mantra from politicians, this deal or this agreement, with this billion dollar company will create jobs and grow the economy. But all we actually get is a stagnant monoculture of cronyism, lousy jobs, or no jobs at all, and a lot more taxes to pay for it all! Infosys has yet to show job growth in Hartford. Infosys has been sued and fined for violating federal and state laws but they continue to get lucrative government deals. Just like Governor Lamont and his wife Annie, who continue to make bad deals in the shadows where they win, and we lose. It’s just human capital after all, like jelly fish, woodpeckers and ostriches.

    I highly recommend reading the 2 part series by Connecticut Blogger Bob Swick on the DECD, Lamont, and Infosys. I leave you with this quote:

    “Whom Infosys can hire to meet this nebulous quota is also confusing to many. Apparently "green card" permanent residents can be hired and will qualify for meeting this jobs quota. Jobs can be done remotely from home and apparently from out-of-state employees so long as they in theory somehow pay a Connecticut State Income Tax on their wages. Salaries that need to be paid qualifying to meet this quota are equally hazy. Further, there is no study in the disclosure to exactly ascertain how much tax revenue Connecticut will get back from this $18 million investment. Regrettably, a review of these documents tells us it will take many years for the state to get back this massive amount of money given freely to this out-of-state worldwide company, if anything ever gets returned at all.” Swick Speaks

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