• Public Education Goes All-In On Trans Day Of Visibility

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    Those of you upset over the blasphemous proclamation the Biden Administration made about Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV) might be equally frustrated to know that the Secretary of Education and the teachers unions fell in line behind Biden to show their solidarity with TDOV.

    Secretary Miguel Cardona, the former head of the CT Department of Education, put out a cringe-worthy video about TDOV and even swapped out his American flag lapel pin for a trans progress pride flag to further show his solidarity with the current thing.

    Both the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Education Association (NEA) issued TDOV statements on Easter Sunday.  

    AFT President Randi Weingarten called the day a "vital moment to celebrate and honor transgender individuals while shedding light on the discrimination they endure globally.”  The AFT account tweeted and retweeted seven different TDOV messages.  But at least Randi and the AFT account shared a message about Easter, too.

    The same cannot be said for the X accounts of the NEA and its President, Becky Pringle. Both accounts showed solidarity with TDOV but neither chose to acknowledge Easter.  (Note that the NEA operates in Greenwich through the GEA, Greenwich Education Association.)

    The NEA used TDOV to promote its extensive guidance on making schools welcoming for trans kids, which includes materials from controversial, biased organizations such as the Human Rights CampaignGLSEN, and The Trevor Project.  The NEA also pushed people to support trans kids by signing a pledge to Stand Against Hate and Bias, thereby joining the globalist call to action to clamp down on free speech that’s taking root everywhere from Greenwich, CT, to Washington State to Scotland.

    Even the Superintendent of Hartford Public Schools reaffirmed her commitment to create a safe, inclusive environment for trans students on TDOV while skipping any mention of Easter.

    Screenshot, X.

    A number of democrats in Connecticut similarly supported TDOV, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the push by democrats to enshrine trans civil rights, including gender transitions and access to gender-affirming care, into the State Constitution.  

    Not only that, but the CT Department Of Education (CSDE) updated its guidance on trans civil rights in school for 2024.  

    The guidance backs boys playing in girls’ sports, the use of restroom facilities by gender identity, and cites “obligations” for schools to use preferred pronouns.  It even endorses keeping secrets from parents if the school's counsel agrees there's a "good-faith concern" that telling a parent or guardian their child is trans could threaten the child's "physical or emotional health”.

    This is how the public school system feels about transgenderism — that it should be celebrated, welcomed, and normalized, even in kindergarten, through inclusive bookscurriculumpolicies and more.  

    Notably absent from this warm embrace of transgenderism by schools is any mention of the growing social contagion especially with teen-age girls, the well-known dangers of gender-affirming care or the fact that most kids grow out of their gender dysphoria.

    P.S.  James Lindsay wrote a must-read post on TDOV in which he warned how the Biden proclamation is being used to drag Christians into a visible reaction that Biden will then use to further clamp down on Christian nationalism.  Don't fall for it.

    Screenshot, NEA EdJustice link provided in NEA X post on Trans Day of Visibility.
    Screenshot, GLSEN Trans Action Kit highlighted on NEA EdJustice website

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    We always appreciate the Greenwich Pats for providing these resources for Trans kids that may be struggling in our community. Next time please post the live links. Trans lives matter and its great that you guys are finally being helpful.

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