• Nearly 100 Elected Officials Sign "Group Letter" In Support Of Monitoring Free Speech In Greenwich

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    A group of people just signed and published a letter in the Greenwich Time in support of Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo's new Thought Police committee.

    The letter, circulated by Greenwich globalist and finance board member Scott Kalb, urged members of the Board of Selectman ("BOS"), the Board of Estimate and Taxation ("BET"), the Board of Education ("BOE") and District Leaders of the RTM, the town's legislative body, as well as any RTM members and any members of the hate speech committee, to show their solidarity with Fred's new hate speech task force.

    The 99 signatories on the letter include:

    • All of the three members of the BOS (Republicans Fred Camillo and Lauren Rabin, and Democrat Janet Stone-McGuigan);
    • All six of the democrats on the town finance board, the BET;
    • All four of the democrats on the Board of Education;
    • All three of the democrat state representatives (Rachel Khanna, Stephen Meskers, Hector Arzeno);
    • 80 of the 230 members of the RTM, the town's legislative body (35%), including 49 democrats, 19 republicans and 1 independent (note that Meskers and Arzeno also serve on RTM);
    • Two members of the clergy;
    • Two diversity, equity and inclusion officers from private schools, representing Brunswick and Greenwich Academy; and
    • One deputy police chief.

    Kalb has already been appointed to the Thought Police committee.

    He spent weeks pushing people to sign the group letter, which argued that the Thought Police committee was needed in order to demonstrate moral superiority by showing that "racism, bigotry, hate, and antisemitism have no place in Greenwich" — a sentiment that's fully aligned with the Greenwich Democrats' election messaging.

    Half of the group letter signatories are registered democrats. Another 19% are republicans, though many would argue that some of the republican who signed vote more like democrats. The remaining 30% include an Independent and voters who are either unaffiliated or whose registration is unknown.

    Greenwich Democrats 2023 Municipal Election Signs.

    Kalb, who secretly asked Greenwich police to monitor the Connecticut Centinal in 2023, cited an opinion published in the Centinal as proof of why Greenwich needs a Thought Police committee in the first place.

    "I have attached for your reference an article announcing the establishment of the task force and the response printed in the CT Centinal the next day that criticized the task force and its members individually.  We feel this article seeks to divide us along political lines on an issue that should be common ground for all - standing against hate and antisemitism," wrote Kalb.

    He goes on to assure that the Greenwich Thought Police "will not be reporting incidents or spying on anyone" and that it will just be used "a channel for parents and residents to tell their stories and seek support" even though the town's website clearly indicates that a "phone and web reporting system" will be developed for residents to rat out their neighbors.

    Kalb's letter continues, explaining that the Greenwich Thought Police will also provide educational forums and "promote civil discourse" on "shared values" in order to bring the Town together.

    Whose shared values you might ask?

    Well, that remains to be seen.

    However, those of you with memories dating back to 2020 might recognize the similarity between the current effort to police free speech (in an election year) and the efforts to monitor racism to atone for George Floyd's death (also in an election year).

    You might also recall that a host of DEI efforts—including anti-racism, equity, implicit bias, systemic racism and white fragility trainings—started rolling out in late 2020 at Greenwich Town Hall, in the schools and through organizations such as the YWCA, all as a way to promote civility and "fight racism".

    These DEI efforts embraced critical race theory which, in the most simplistic terms, divides the world into two groups, the oppressors and the oppressed. People are taught to first consider the color of their skin to determine their privilege — are you an oppressor or are you in an oppressed class? — before doing anything. Then they are taught to seek social justice for the oppressed in order to achieve the elusive goal of equity.

    The never-ending quest for equity has taught students that Israel is the oppressor and Palestinians are the oppressed. So, when the brutal October 7th attack occurred, students sided with the oppressed, and sought social justice for the Palestinians. This led to widespread unrest on college campuses and elsewhere around the country that often included the chanting of antisemitic slogans.

    People are finally connecting the dots and realizing that DEI is what's driving antisemitism. That realization has led to an intense and growing backlash against DEI and other equity-related efforts whose intention is to keep people divided and fighting over immutable characteristics instead of fighting back against their evil overlords.

    Of course, it's no coincidence that the very same globalists who pushed the DEI agenda so hard in 2020 are now pushing the hate speech agenda really hard in 2024.

    So hard that globalists in one country, Scotland, plan on enforcing radical new hate speech laws instead of investigating actual crimes like theft and criminal damage.

    If this reminded you of the "peaceful protests" to achieve social justice for George Floyd that went largely unpunished but generated nearly $2 billion in damages, you're not alone.

    Source: Police Scotland - Have You Met the Hate Monster?
    Implications of Scotland Hate Speech Law

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