• Reality-Based Solutions For Eliminating Crime In Crime-Free Democrat Connecticut

    October 22, 2023
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    Law abiding Connecticut citizens have reached their breaking point in Crime-Free Democrat Connecticut.  Every day they live in constant fear of stolen cars, (some even at gunpoint), robberies in grocery store parking lots, home invasions, murder in cold blood as innocent bystanders, bank robberies, constant shoplifting in retail stores and a whole lot more.  Every day there are numerous reports of criminal cartels running massive car theft operations as there is no fear of arrests or being stopped.  

    The economic criminal profit potential of Crime-Free Democrat Connecticut is enormous when one thinks of it. Due to little or no risk, criminals as young as 12 are working part time profitable jobs breaking into vehicles by smashing windows and driving away without pursuit.  These young criminals are being well compensated by crime cartels and/or other illegal tax-evading entities for the services they provide to these same equally disgusting criminals that chop up the stolen cars for parts, and liquidate the other valuable items in them.  If you choose to defend your vehicle, you can expect to be shot at like what recently happened to a private citizen in Northford, CT. With such a blasé’ attitude towards crime enforcement in Connecticut we have the impression that our personal property is not our own in Crime-Free Democrat Connecticut.  Legal private property rights seem to be outdated.  

    In reading this, liberal panderers and starry-eyed delusional supporters of His Royal Con-Man King-Governor Ned Lamont The Unaccountable will be quick to point out recent state-generated reporting stating that “crime is down” in Connecticut. However, since a large part of Connecticut city-originated crime goes unreported, the statistics given are tainted, at best. Even in a good light, such state-driven statistical compilations are agency-centric rather than locality centric, so one cannot tell what is happening in a specific locale. Instead, try a dollar-driven site such as Neighborhood Scout that compiles hard data provided by actual real estate purchasers and investors. If we review that site (inter-alia) we see that Connecticut cities are worse than 78% of the rest of the country by way of crime. Further research on real numbers tells even the casual reader that the crime results are not good.

    There truly are solutions to the crime wave in the state.  However, these solutions do not conform to the Socialist Connecticut Democrat Party agenda of destroying any sense of personal or economic freedom and police protection under an incoherent judicial system using weak laws governing crime and theft. But if unserious and woke Connecticut ever chose to be serious about crime, here are several solutions that would start to take the bite of out crime in the state.

    Car theft: For the few individuals who are arrested for this crime, bail should not be offered and/or offered at a $1,000,000. or more, value.  A sub court system could immediately be created, offering 24-hour hearings and subsequent charges/convictions.  First offense sentences for car theft would no longer be thrown out and/or probationary.  A one-year prison term with no time suspended would be mandatory.  Each additional offense would add 6 months more to the one-year term.  Therefore, if a criminal has already been convicted with five thefts under these new laws, he or she would serve 30 months in prison with no time suspended.  With this law, the owner of the vehicle stolen, and insurance companies would have a greater ability to fast track or attach any property or wages of the criminal for monetary damages of the value of the car no matter how expensive or inexpensive it was.  Sounds harsh?  That is the idea. It is, and it might possibly make some criminals think twice about stealing cars.  

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    Robbery of an individual:  There are robberies of distracted and defenseless women have their wallets/pocketbooks stolen after placing their groceries in their cars.  Shoplifting is rampant as well.  For the few individuals who are arrested for these crimes, bail should be offered and or offered at a $1,000,000 or more value. Again, first offense sentences for robbery would no longer be thrown out and/or be probationary.  A one-year prison term with no time suspended would be the minimum.  Multiple offenses would add 6 months more to the one- year term.  Victims of robbery would be able to sue the criminal for their losses and/or medical treatments generated during the crime, while retail stores/shops would be able to sue for monetary losses of the merchandise stolen.

    Murder:  Murder takes away another person's life.  Many innocent people have been murdered, especially by drive by shootings.  Do their lives matter? Does it make any difference if they are Black lives? Or Asian lives? Or white lives?  No lives matter in Crime-Free Democrat Connecticut.  Life in prison does not seem to defer murder in the state.  The death penalty should be restated.

    Who pays the costs of these crimes?  We do, of course, through higher retail store prices and much higher auto insurance rates due to the onslaught of these criminal activities.  Crime in Connecticut is at all time high even though the massaged "statistics" show otherwise.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has been in denial of this for many years.  A local election is in a few weeks in the state.  In Democrat-run towns and cities, crime seems to be a forbidden topic to discuss.  Of course, there the pleas for the usual choir of more money will solve all the problems of any Democrat run city.  But when you look at Bridgeport which is a cesspool of corruption, New Haven that is a tale of two cities and Taxpayer-supported Chicago-aspiring Hartford, nothing has changed over the years.  They are still vast economic wastelands that nurture a hopeless economic future for those trapped living there.  So called “leaders” cannot make the painful decisions to say “No” to the complete political failures of years of omnipotent Democrat-driven rule and deception.  Maybe voters should really think about why the state's Democrat Party really can't solve any problem whatsoever, especially crime, while they figure out new ways to rip off the Taxpayer who must live in fear in any activity he or she may do. 

    Crime can be solved.  It takes ethics, leadership, and respect for human life.  It also takes courage, which is an especially scarce commodity in all areas of Connecticut government. It does not take another "crime task force" However lets be clear. The major player in this sick psychodrama is the Corrupt Unethical Connecticut Democrat Party.  They own this self-made crime crisis in the state.



    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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