• The Critical National Issues As We Begin 2024

    January 10, 2024
    US Congressional Candidate Bob MacGuffie.

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    We’ve clearly turned the corner and campaigns are now actively in the 2024 election cycle. Since this fall’s election will be a referendum on Jim Himes’ 16-year rule, I spent much of the past ten months illuminating his hypocrisy and duplicitousness on an endless range of important issues. He is NOT the Moderate he asserts to be. Awakening a Congressional District is no easy task, and that pursuit will only intensify as this year progresses. 

    But, to kick off the year I’ll level-set, and enumerate what I believe to be the most pressing and consequential issues for CT-4 and indeed the country, as this year begins:

    Cut Inflation & Restore the Economy: The culprit has been 15 years of heavy deficit spending and Fed Reserve money printing. Budget expenditures must be downsized to match tax revenues. No more votes for budget deficits and debt.

    Secure Our Border: The current Biden-Himes policy is a de-facto wide-open U.S. border. Enforce current immigration and border law. Re-institute every measure from the Trump Administration which was nullified by Biden, and then some. We have no national sovereignty without a secure border.

    Support Parents’ Rights: Parents must be empowered to reclaim their rightful input on, and approval of their children’s school curricula. Also, school personnel must be prevented from recommending any student medical procedures or counseling without parental consent and involvement.

    Reclaim Our Energy Independence: Lift restrictions on U.S. energy leasing, permitting, exploration and production. Restart critical pipelines and ANWAR production. Encourage fracking, off-shore drilling, and modern nuclear power.

    Crush Crime & Restore Public Safety: Though more pronounced in the cities, criminals are emboldened, and our towns have also seen more incidents of violent crime. Cashless bail should be ended and DAs must enforce all laws.

    Offer Hope to Our Cities: Expand school choice and Charter Schools. Help small business flourish through tax and regulation cuts. Enact affordable-housing regulations that actually achieve the goals of the programs.  At the border, interdict the fentanyl that is poisoning America’s youth.

    Pursue America’s Interests through a Strong National Defense:  Biden’s politically-correct policies have weakened our military, undercut national defense and led to wars in Ukraine and the Middle East. End the open-ended Globalism promoted by Biden and Himes, and replace it with an attitude of ‘America First.’

    These and additional issues on which I am running are illuminated in greater detail on my website – I shave no positions. Our nation is in a once-in-a-century financial, cultural and political crisis, and the approaches indicated above will help turn the corner, and lead us to a successful resolution. And these are not exclusively Republican approaches - as the months go on, Americans of all stripes are increasingly rallying to these very solutions.   

    As I have illustrated in prior Updates, Mr. Himes has demonstrated, in fact proven through his voting record, that he stands on the OPPOSITE side of each of these critical issues.  The citizens of CT-4 need to be made aware of his voting record, and recognize that Jim Himes does not ‘represent’ their interests, nor those of our Republic. Recirculate these updates.

    The 2024 election will be a referendum on Jim Himes' failed 15-year rule. 

    Jim Himes is NO Moderate

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    Bob MacGuffie

    Bob MacGuffie is currently seeking the Republican congressional nomination to oppose Jim Himes in the 2024 election: www.bobmacforcongress.com

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