• Sen. Blumenthal "Deeply Concerned" About Biden's Chances Of Winning

    Screenshot, MSNBC

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    It seems US Senator Richard "Danang Dick" Blumenthal is "deeply concerned" about Biden because of the alleged "existential threat to the country" if Donald Trump were to win in November.

    Maybe Blumenthal has seen the headline at Politico today... the one that says Biden's support has slipped so much in the neighboring state of New York, just a mere stone's throw from his Greenwich home, and that it has now become a "battleground state"?

    Might he also be concerned, as is Lamont, that Connecticut could be in play?

    Connecticut has just 7 electoral votes as compared to New York's 28, but still it would send quite a strong message to Connecticut politicians if Trump were to win here. Especially since Democrats currently enjoy a supermajority in Hartford.

    Screenshot, Politico

    The so-called "existential threat" posed by Donald Trump is detailed in the 2024 GOP Platform to Make America Great Again.

    Below are the 20 promises.

    Decide for yourself if this platform is a threat... or perhaps the way to save America.

    1. Seal the border, and stop the migrant invasion
    2. Carry out the largest deportation operation in American history
    3. End inflation, and make America affordable again
    4. Make America the dominant energy producer in the world, by far!
    5. Stop outsourcing, and turn the United States into a manufacturing superpower
    6. Large tax cuts for workers, and no tax on tips!
    7. Defend our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our fundamental freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms
    8. Prevent world war three, restore peace in Europe and in the Middle East, and build a great iron dome missile defense shield over our entire country -- all made in America
    9. End the weaponization of government against the American people
    10. Stop the migrant crime epidemic, demolish the foreign drug cartels, crush gang violence, and lock up violent offenders
    11. Rebuild our cities, including Washington, DC, and make them safe, clean, and beautiful again
    12. Strengthen and modernize our military, making it, without question, the strongest and most powerful in the world
    13. Keep the U.S. dollar as the world's reserve currency
    14. Fight for and protect social security and medicare with no cuts, including no changes to the retirement age
    15. Cancel the electric vehicle mandate and cut costly and burdensome regulations
    16. Cut federal funding for any school pushing critical race theory, radical gender ideology, and other inappropriate racial, sexual, or political content on our children
    17. Keep men out of women's sports
    18. Deport pro-Hamas radicals and make our college campuses safe and patriotic again
    19. Secure our elections, including same day voting, voter identification, paper ballots, and proof of citizenship
    20. Unite our country by bringing it to new and record levels of success

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