• Sen. Chris Murphy Melts Down After Johnson Elected Speaker Of House, Blathers Nonsense

    October 25, 2023
    Alex Soros (L) and Sen Chris Murphy (R), Source: Twitter.

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    U.S. Senator Chris Murphy has been reduced to spouting nonsense after Mike Johnson is elected Speaker of the House. What skeletons are in his closet? Other than his extensive connections to the Communist Party, and his ties to Alex Soros, the radical son of globalist George Soros, that is.

    Remember when New Haven Connecticut Communist Party USA leader Joelle Fishman wrote in the People's World on June 28, 2013, that the "union-community coalition" was instrumental in electing Murphy?

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    Anything that comes out of Murphy's mouth is nonsense. How is this any different?

    anthony t sabella

    Just another hysterical marxist baby killer, just don't pay attention.

    M Aurelius

    Is there ANYONE in the Groomer Party
    who ISN'T an unhinged America-hating communist?

    Serious question.

    Last edited 6 months ago by M Aurelius

    [self redacted]

    Last edited 6 months ago by Zeke308



    The caption under the photo, intended to indicate who's depicted at the left and the right, at-a-glance, can easily be misconstrued as incorrectly identifying Murphy as a Republican, because it labels it as such: "Sen Chris Murphy (R)"

    This is the common format and nomenclature for stating a congressman's or senator's party affiliation.

    Chris Murphy is a Democrat.

    Last edited 6 months ago by Zeke308
    Al Pastor

    Good catch. Another way to mislead the public...


    No one died at Sandy H0ax. This crook had to be in on it. There should've been more than 400 surviving children, but we see ZERO of them on the police cruiser dashcam video, even though the cruiser in question was parked at a position where all evacuees crossing the parking lot should've been in view. Also, ZERO children on the TV news helicopter video footage.


    Dems think intellectual debate is name calling. You know…like 3rd graders on the school playground. The irony is that the complaints they are making about the “right-wing extremism” of the new Speaker is music to our ears. The further he is from their ideology, the better we like him.

    Eric Schrader

    Connecticut can sure pick some winners like this clown and Blumenthal, the fake Vietnam war hero.

    Fat Hubie

    The people that are called hard right radicals are just real Americans...

    Al Pastor

    Chris is just upset because the new Speaker of the House is going to make the US Senate have to work for a change rather than follow the dictates of Chucky Schoooooomah.

    off tie

    Bad luck to Murphy.

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