• Trust The Experts On Central Middle School! Where Have We Heard That Before?

    October 25, 2023
    Source: Central Middle School, Greenwich.

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    Today I learned that members of the BET are more concerned with funding “Mr. Right now” rather than waiting for “Mr. Right.”   

    They don’t care if the roof caves in on teachers and kids during construction — we should trust the experts.  

    They don’t care that we don’t have architectural drawings of the building — we should trust the experts.  

    They don’t care that there are concerns about the placement of the new building on the low lying areas of land — we should trust the experts.  

    They don’t care that Greenwich Academy cost $670 per square foot to build and that the proposal for Central Middle School (CMS) is set to cost about $1,000 per square foot — trust the experts.  

    They don’t care that we have a declining student population and that this school is built to hold over 200 more kids than are currently enrolled.  Trust the experts.  

    Stop asking questions.  Just fund it.  Build it now.  And trust the experts!

    I think we’ve heard that before… masks?  Trust the experts…

    Covid boosters?  Trust the experts….

    We know how well that turned out.

    I certainly hope the experts we are told to trust will build CMS on time, under budget, and with the safety of our kids and teachers a top priority.  

    Submitted By A Concerned Greenwich Parent

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    Victor B Anderson

    Awfully grafty up there !

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