• ‘Tacos’ Should Stop Voting For The Party Of The ‘Burrito’

    July 15, 2022
    First Lady Jill Biden at the UnidosUS 2022 Annual Conference, where she referred to the Hispanic community as being as “unique as San Antonio breakfast tacos” Screenshot from YouTube

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    The comments made by First Lady Jill Biden at the UnidosUS 2022 Annual Conference, where she referred to the Hispanic community as being as “unique as San Antonio breakfast tacos,” have created an uproar among Latinos everywhere.

    The democratic party, the party of the ‘burrito’ (donkey in Spanish,) insists in treating Latinos in a condescending way, assuming that democrats own their votes and that Latinos have no other option than embracing a party of progressive and leftist policies.

    In the democrats’ efforts to impose their toxic ideology on the Latino population, they have decided to strip all gender out of the Spanish language, and define Latinos in terms of their ‘gender fluidity’ dynamics where there are no more latinos or latinas, but LatinXs.

    They are also trying to fit Latinos into the predefined categories of Critical Race Theory analysis. To deal with the racial diversity of the Latin population, the democrats have created the ‘Peoples of Color’ category, which combined with the ‘Historically Marginalized’ one, which includes white latinos, allows them to label all latinos as ‘victims’.

    Latinos in Connecticut are 18% of the population, but in a city like Bridgeport they are more than 42%. And in Hartford, the state capital, the number is close to 45%.

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    We are not ‘victims’. We are entrepreneurs, owners of up-scale restaurants, professors at local universities. We work for, and also manage, landscaping and cleaning services companies. We have jobs as computer engineers, as sales people, in fast-food restaurants and in the hospitality industry.

    And we love freedom, the capitalist system, and the opportunities we have to pursuit our own happiness. All the values and rights that the democratic party has abandoned and that are so dear to us.

    Certainly, it is time for the Latino voters of Connecticut to stop voting for the party of the ‘burrito’. Let’s send the democrats a clear message that we are not as unique as tacos; we are as American as apple pie.

    Camilo Riano is a technology and management consultant who has worked for several management consulting firms, the state of Georgia, the city of New York, and the United Nations. He lives in Westport, CT with his wife and four children, and is strongly committed to the fight against indoctrination and the relentless attacks on their American values.


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    Elizabeth Burwell

    LOVED the title of this story! I needed a good laugh! Thank you!

    gov gov

    The vulgar slob and wannabe elitist Biden woman has also made racial slurs against Asian Americans, referring to them as "general tso's chicken" and "pork fried rice". Typical of her especially since her buffoon husband (and lowlifefamily) is a longtime associate, past and present, of the sinister ku klux klan and other pro-segregation groups which includes his involvement with anti-arab groups.

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