• TEAM Westport Members Upset About Letter Denouncing Book Censorship By Westport Library

    July 13, 2022
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    At the latest meeting of TEAM Westport, an advisory committee that has become the de facto Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Board for the town, several members expressed their dissatisfaction with a residents’ letter about censorship by the town’s library.

    As quoted in local news media, Harold Bailey, Jr., Chairman of TEAM, feels that “school-focused controversies over critical race theory and sexuality issues, and now the library’s book collection, are damaging.” He said that TEAM members “really have to be careful that [they] do not let this take hold and metastasize.”

    What a hypocritical statement coming from the head of an organization that for more than 18 years has been taking hold of almost every committee and board in town, and ‘metastasizing’ racist ideologies based on critical race theory.

    TEAM Westport has infiltrated the Board of Education, the public safety departments’ Civilian Review Panel and, yes, the Westport Library where the books of CRT’s most celebrated ‘priest’, Professor Kendi, are displayed prominently in the children’s section.

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    The censorship at the library is not restricted to books. It also includes control over the physical infrastructure available for cultural events. Residents interested in organizing lectures to present different points of view, are not given permission to use the space without the tacit approval of TEAM Westport.

    Several members of TEAM Westport think that complaining about the ‘child grooming’ that is taking place in Westport schools is an attack on teachers. They believe that complaining about the ‘depuration’ of written materials at the library, by removing from the collection books contrary to their ideology, is part of a “cultural war.” They believe that we are all “perpetuating the culture of misunderstanding and intolerance that exists.” They think that we are ‘culturally illiterate’ and we are in need of ideological reeducation.

    The reality is that Westport, CT, has a shadow communist government and TEAM Westport is its politburo. The members of the 'Party' are making it very clear to all town residents: any opinion that is against the official radical-leftist line “will not be tolerated.”

    Camilo Riano is a technology and management consultant who has worked for several management consulting firms, the state of Georgia, the city of New York, and the United Nations. He lives in Westport, CT with his wife and four children, and is strongly committed to the fight against indoctrination and the relentless attacks on their American values.


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    Jan Greenhawk

    Team Westport would make Stalin very proud. It shows you how afraid they are of people who disagree with them and the rest of the hive mind.


    The irony of all ironies: Westport, CT and areas in that part of the Northeast was where freedom was won by the 1776 freedom defenders over the tyranny of the King of England. Now, we see that Westport is being run essentially by Socialists / Marxists / Communists and they are attempting to shame the town's people into going along with the multicultural bull$hit while importing corporate tenants on Main Street to dilute and water down one of the last 'Americana' towns. The result of this 'multi-culturalism' sleight-of-hand is to dilute and water down the tradition of Westport and other towns like it. It's the same as having a borderless country. Without borders and law, we HAVE NO country. Without our long established culture and tradition what do we have? Multiculturalism is how the townspeople are shamed into going along to get along with the 16-year plan to re-shape America. Be on the ready to put the useless back masks on; the 2022 midterm elections are just around the corner; mail-in counterfeit paper ballots can be more easily justified when there is a manufactured pandemic to fuss about. See: AmericasFrontlineDoctors DOT org

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