• Tell Your Legislators To Vote NO On Removing Visual Indicators For Illegal Migrant Driver Licenses

    February 27, 2024

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    We The People, Connecticut Independence 1776 is asking for your help.

    The Governor's Bill, HB 5057 specifies that applicants who cannot prove legal presence in the United States or do not have a Social Security number can still obtain a license if they provide the required proofs of identity and residency, and file an affidavit stating their intent to legalize their immigration status when eligible, as if anyone will prosecute such an offense.

    This bill is a blatant attempt to continue to destroy whatever remaining integrity Connecticut elections may have. The bill furthers Democrats' plan to replace low and middle income legitimate residents with illegal labor and illegal voters. 

    The group organized is asking concerned Connecticut residents to contact your legislators and SAY NO to this obviously corrupt plan to undermine Connecticut residency and American citizenship. 

    You can CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE A SIMPLE FORM which will automatically generate and send emails to your legislators.

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    Nicholas D'Amato

    otice of Instruction to Connecticut General Assembly form.jotform.com/240560077996163

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