• Texas AG Ken Paxton Suing Pfizer For Misrepresenting Covid Vaccine Efficacy, Conspiring To Censor Truthful Public Discourse

    November 30, 2023
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    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced he's suing Pfizer over misrepresenting the efficacy of its covid vaccine, and for conspiring to censor often truthful public discourse about covid vaccines.

    The news was music to the ears of many who have been crying foul over covid vaccines for years.

    Paxton said that Pfizer was engaged in "false, deceptive, and misleading acts and practices" regarding the claims it made about its covid vaccine as having 95% efficacy.

    The 95% represents something known as "relative risk reduction" which is a misleading statistic.

    Here's how it works.

    In the Pfizer trial, 18,198 people were given covid shots, and 8 people (0.04%) subsequently developed covid.  In the unvaccinated placebo group, 162 out of 18,325 people got covid (0.88%).  

    That means that even without the vaccine, the absolute risk of contracting COVID-19 was extremely low — just 0.88% — which the vaccine then [allegedly] reduced to 0.04%.  Therefore the net benefit or the "absolute risk reduction" that you’re being offered with a Pfizer vaccine is 0.84%.  

    The "relative risk reduction" is then calculated as (0.88-0.04)/(0.88) which yields a relative risk reduction rate of 95%.

    How many people would have taken a covid shot if they knew the absolute risk reduction provided by the shot was less than 1%? Or that the risk of catching covid was extremely low in the first place, also less than 1%?

    What’s worse is that thousands of unconfirmed covid cases were reported among trial participants who were never actually tested and therefore excluded from the trial's calculations.  There were 1,594 suspected cases in the vaccinated and 1,816 suspected cases in the unvaccinated that were excluded. Had these cases been included with the confirmed cases, then the relative risk reduction would have dropped to just 19%!

    Did you know that any vaccine with a relative risk reduction of less than 50% is ineligible for Emergency Use Authorization?

    When people found out about the misleading statistic, and the many other inconvenient truths about the very real dangers of covid vaccines, they started speaking up on social media, in the public square, and anywhere they could. But Pfizer was intimidating those who were spreading the truth. It called these truth tellers "criminals", accused them of spreading misinformation and even coerced social media platforms to silence their accounts.

    It seems the truth about dangerous covid shots could not be contained despite Pfizer's best efforts.

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    The Prisoner

    This seems like a fertile lawsuit. An honest judge will conduct a trial rather than dismissing.

    This places Paxton at the forefront of the battle.

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