• Greenwich GEA Teacher's Union Head Upset About Postcards Encouraging Teachers To Leave The Union

    November 30, 2023
    Source: GEA Email

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    The head of the Greenwich Education Association (GEA) teacher's union, Lill Perone, sent an email to members yesterday warning about "anti-union mailings" they might receive from an organization called the Freedom Foundation.

    Screenshot, GEA Email.

    The postcards talked about how teachers could save money by leaving the union, and included a resignation card that could be sent back to union representatives containing the appropriate legal language required to leave and immediately stop paying dues.

    According to Perone, the postcards were a "switch and bait" scam that promised money savings but would end up tricking teachers into dropping union protections and representation.

    Source: GEA Email

    "They fear us because we will fight them and protect the rights they want to take away from you by eliminating union protections. We must be doing something right if we are on the radar of the Freedom Foundation, causing them to enact such desperate trickery and spread lies about our teacher-run union. There are those that wish to divide us and all that we have achieved together," said Perone.

    She also cautioned that the Freedom Foundation was an "anti-labor, anti-teacher group trying to dismantle teacher unions through false narratives and political misinformation" and urged members to stand together and not let their voices be silenced.

    What is the Freedom Foundation?

    The Freedom Foundation describes itself as, "a battle tank that’s battering the entrenched power of left-wing government union bosses who represent a permanent lobby for bigger government, higher taxes, and radical social agendas."

    The organization values the principles of individual liberty, free enterprise and a limited and accountable government, and aims to help "liberate" people from political exploitation done by public sector unions that "plunder members' paychecks and use the money to fund radical political candidates and causes."

    They have been fighting public sector unions since their humble beginnings in 1991.

    The STUDENT Act

    Earlier in the year, the Freedom Foundation joined with 30 organizations to endorse the Stopping Teachers Unions from Damaging Education Needs Today (STUDENT) Act introduced by U.S. Rep. Scott Fitzgerald to reform the federal charter for the National Education Association (NEA), the parent organization for GEA.

    “The growing outpouring of support for the STUDENT Act is a testament to the importance of reining in corrupt, out-of-control teachers unions like the NEA,” said Maxford Nelsen, the Freedom Foundation’s director of research and government affairs.

    The STUDENT Act would prohibit the NEA from engaging in electoral politics and lobbying (a restriction already included in 60% of federal charters); require the NEA to submit annual reports to Congress; bar the NEA from incorporating the tenets of Critical Race theory into its governance, operations and advocacy; and more.

    No wonder Perone was triggered about the postcards!

    She likely knows that hundreds of teachers all across the state of Connecticut have already left because of the union's radical social agenda that includes DEI, gender ideology, critical social justice, theory, pornographic library books, and secret gender transitions.

    She also knows that other educators left after the union failed to properly represent the needs of members who declined covid vaccination, and were subjected to intrusive testing requirements and often discriminated against by their vaccinated peers.

    And she knows it's just a matter of time before more members wake up and realize that the information from the Freedom Foundation is neither misinformation nor trickery, but that it's actually genuine, truthful and designed to help teachers break free from union exploitation.

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