• The Book Ban False Narrative Continues After Meeting With Librarians In Hartford Last Week

    December 11, 2023
    State Rep Matt Blumenthal reading "The Bluest Eye" - a book that has been in the AP curriculum in Guilford schools for decades. The book features sexual activities, including sexual assault and molestation of a child. Read the review here. Image source: Instagram.

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    The false Democrat narrative on book bans is heating up in Connecticut after lawmakers held a meeting with librarians in Hartford last week regarding the most pressing issues they are facing across the state.

    Of course “book bans” were discussed.

    Lt. Gov. Susan Bysiewicz alleged the issue was because the books "deal with LGBTQ+ themes or they’re books that portray characters of color.”  

    She believes that “book bans” will be the "next big civil rights, gender rights, sexual orientation rights, equality movement that we have to fight" in this state.

    Bysiewicz says the issue is about “inclusion” and making sure that “everyone feels welcome” in libraries and “know” that they belong.  

    Sarah McCusker, president of the Connecticut Library Association and a librarian in Canton, warned about proposed legislation in other states that would redefine obscenity statutes to eliminate loopholes that allow obscene materials in schools and libraries.  She’s concerned because this would “expose” librarians to arrest for stocking pornography in the children’s section.

    Imagine being more concerned about getting arrested than about corrupting the morals of a child!?   

    Meanwhile, the CT Dems say that “banning books is wrong” and they will "fight it everywhere MAGA Republicans try.”  As if MAGA Republicans are the only people concerned about age-appropriateness for books.

    But check out this response from Teachers and Parents Against Porn & Sex in K12 about a book called  Let’s Talk About It that tells kids there’s nothing wrong with a little porn and shows cartoon images of a graphic sex acts.  The book also provides instructions for how to use a butt plug and so much more.  

    This book is available in the teen section in Greenwich Library, a section that librarians say is suitable for children as young as 11-12 years old.  

    What message is sent to children by putting a book like this in the teen section?  That pornographers should feel “included” and “welcome" among teen readers?  That it’s normal for teens to engage in the graphic sex acts depicted in the book?  And that you’re lucky if you receive pornographic texts?

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    Mary Ann Overbaugh

    We are not dealing with adults at these schools, they are children as such they should have a stress-free life until they are old enough to handle these ideas. Psychologically, they can't process all of these thoughts, their brains are still developing. The difference here is forcing a thought rather than making information available. That is indoctrination. If parents are upset, they should have the last say about the matter. Or you are saying the government owns all of us.

    Concerned Citizen

    Making books available is no where near forcing a thought or indoctrination. You are a fool and a sheep.

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