• The Church: Just One More Vehicle For The Connecticut Democrat Government To Use Against The Taxpaying Citizens Of Connecticut

    March 2, 2024
    Church of the Good Shepherd in Hartford, CT

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    Holy Bible: Matthew Chapter 16, (Verses 18-20)

    18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

    19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    Over two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ of Nazareth declared to the Apostle Peter his design and vision for the Christian church. This vision was founded under the design of the Jewish Temple in the Old Testament and brought forward by Jesus. The objective was for the church to be an anchor and support for the believer to learn, grow, to have fellowship with one other, and to learn about the power and authority God grants to every child and believer to be strong in independence and God’s grace. Even to this day, churches and religion still play an important part in our society.

    However, for many churches in Connecticut there has been a major shift in their role and political beliefs even though there is a supposed separation from church and state in our country. The separation is a necessary firewall so that churches cannot taint the Gospel mission with political causes. But for some Connecticut churches today, this rule is no longer in the book. These churches have seared their consciences and have consumed the pitcher of Democrat Kool-Aid to embrace whatever partisan-ism, electioneering and socialism handed to them provided there are some Democrats waving taxpayer dollars. In many cases, complaints of these unscriptural and illegal practices are often met with shaming and derision directed most aggressively against others by the very churches “benefiting” from these same practices.

    Unfortunately, the Democrat political machine (enabled if not encouraged by Republican silence in many cases) has found a whole new profit center in co-opting obeisant churches and destroying the integrity of their doctrine and the vision of Moses and Jesus. This new profit center is based upon massively importing and housing illegal immigrants into the U.S.A. in exchange for seemingly plentiful government cash. This crisis has caused a great upheaval in what the role of the church has become in this Democrat debacle in Connecticut, and throughout our country.

    Of course, inept Connecticut needs one more social crisis as much as General George Armstrong Custer needed more hostile Indians in the massacre of Little Big Horn in 1876. For in Connecticut, we are all too aware of the past 34 plus years with massive crime, massive illegal drug problems, massive homeless problems, and massive taxes and debt. Of course, these problems have compounded into the nightmare conditions the state has today. Churches have echoed their desires to help but their desires have been perverted in many cases to become appendages to the state and local governments as political tools attempting to address the problems that the same state and local governments have created and expanded on over the years. More money thrown at these problems to any observer seems to do nothing other than to exacerbate the problems and make them much worse.

    Sadly, many Connecticut churches today have become even more useful appendages for the Democrat design to destroy Connecticut cities and towns by parroting the new Connecticut government mantra of affordable housing especially by destroying local zoning decisions and alternatively setting up state controlled transit center hubs that will have supposed affordable housing developments which somehow will inexplicably create this housing heaven on earth. It is fascinating to see how much profit becomes involved as politically connected developers and glad-faced hangers-on are all clamoring for a cut of the action by hoping to strip away zoning laws from state towns and cities to promote this agenda.

    Seeing parallel visions of state cash, some state churches are offering use of their church campuses and land to house the homeless and/or the undocumented and illegal. While being lauded by the political machine for this apparently honorable and righteous act, the sometimes well-meaning but always misled church leaders quickly realize that whatever commitment they have had to their founding doctrine or plain old right and wrong must now be extinguished in order to maintain their allegiance as satellites to the Democrat political objective. Instead of the illegal harboring of illegals, I submit to the affected churches that if they followed their ordained doctrines, they would provide comfort to the afflicted while then proceeding to tell the authorities to return their people to their rightful lands. For to do otherwise is to completely disregard the value of their very doctrines of self-determination that provided incalculable benefit to their devoted flock over time, along with providing the life to their initial founding.

    Other than destroying their ordained mission, nothing whatsoever resolves the long-term problem of why housing is so expensive compared to incomes in the high-taxed and poisonously-regulated state of Connecticut. Nothing whatsoever proposed by these political characters solves the transit issues in the state nor does it make the state subsidized bus fleet any safer to use since there is rampant and unchecked crime on state buses. Recently a man was stabbed in Hartford recently on a Connecticut Transit bus. Is this stabbing an example of why one would want to move to these affordable housing hubs around transit centers that have been subsidized with Taxpayers monies? Isn't crime down in the state according to the Connecticut Democrat Party? Does not the state administrate better than anyone on the planet and know what is best for all?

    Unfortunately, the State of Connecticut buying and bribing of the churches continues. The state recently offered $5,000,000 of your money for “places of worship” and non-profits to help with their security. Thus, rather than enforcing and/or increasing legal punishments and incarcerations for these same crimes, the state must use Taxpayers monies in a faux prop effort to “combat” these crimes. Unfortunately, this reliance on government rather than self and the principles that Jesus and the prophets gave us, churches are not safe havens for prayer and worship anymore, especially those churches who have subscribed to full-scale political sellouts. Also, rampant violence is now the norm for Jewish synagogues that have been recent targets of the new “chic” pro-Hamas and Palestine protestors. Why are Hamas terrorists being "worshiped" by liberals in general and why is hatred being taken out on innocent Jewish worshipers? Where are the politicians decrying this sectarian violence? Is terrorism now “woke”? Are assaults against those believing in the God of Israel, now “cool”?

    Of course, as some churches stray farther from their doctrines and into the will of politicians, they become mere tools in “voter engagement” efforts. Now addicted to government cash, these churches act like trained dogs in ballot harvesting and carrying out government marching orders to obtain more governmental funding and cheap favors from politicians. The sham election in Bridgeport certainly comes to mind as those close to the ground in the city have explained how the bread is buttered there, and the mess is anything but pretty. The endorsements that convicted felon Mayor Ganim seem both ridiculous and sickening in nature especially after the voter fraud that took place during this and previous elections. Moreover, it is puzzling to me that I have not seen any Bridgeport clergy to date protest the ostensible lack of a free and fair election and self-determination for their parishioners and their city.

    In 2024 our economy and societal norms are unraveled in every stratum of American life. The biblical Book of Timothy is being actualized this day in that truth is now a lie and lies are truth. Theft is acceptable, if not encouraged. Boys are now girls, and girls are now boys. One must accept beliefs that defy logic or be condemned and canceled by the ruling elite. The house of worship was designed by Moses and later by Jesus to be an escape to one's faith and well-being, nurturing spiritual strength, personal development and empowerment and guidance. However, some churches in King Ned Lamont The Unaccountable’s Connecticut are following paths to ruin and destruction by accepting moral and spiritual destruction in exchange for cash. The church and state need to separate again. The clergy must divorce itself from politicians. The church should not encourage illegal behavior in any way. Religious freedom need not be questioned or vilified. This path to destruction needs to stop today.

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    Bob Swick

    I am an Adjunct Professor of Business and Economics and have taught for 41 years for several different colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Journalism and a Masters of Science in Economics. I have written about economics and political issues in my blog "Swick Speak" since 2006.

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    You have most sincerely lost the plot and have misconstrued the teachings of Christ. Never did Jesus say- "fend for yourself."


    I left the Kosher Nostra run State of Corrupticut ten years ago. The only thing I regret about leaving is that I didn’t do it thirty years sooner.


    I'm SO VERY GRATEFUL I was sent to Sunday Bible School in Georgia. It was a fundamentalist Baptist church that taught the actual story of our world, unvarnished. Even down to the great battles in the Heavens, and the planets and asteroid bodies were once little "gods" who were destroyed. And what did retrieved pieces from Benu show: "organic" materials vs silicated rocks....yep. And that the demons ONLY use the female to trace their DNA....yep. What was their view of gov't? NOPE!

    Christian P
    1. Mass media and government-run schools indoctrinate our society to reject church.
    2. Church attendance and donations drop.
    3. Churches lose money, and become needy.
    4. Govt gives massive cash infusions to organizations that will perform a service that can be labeled “humanitarian”. Churches are particularly targeted.

    it’s all very clear.

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