• Things You Should Know About The Kordick Settlement

    October 23, 2023
    Joe Biden and Mark Kordick, Source: Facebook

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    The Town of Greenwich issued a statement regarding settling a long-running lawsuit with fired Police Captain, Democrat Activist and Indivisible Greenwich stalwart Mark Kordick. There are some important facts about the case that Greenwich residents should be aware of.

    The settlement was forced upon the town by its insurance company.

    The Town of Greenwich was fully prepared to let a jury decide whether Mark Kordick had been unfairly discharged, and the RTM Claims Committee had just voted against a settlement. But the Town’s insurance company, Allied World, exercised its contractual right to force a settlement before the case could go to trial. The resulting settlement was not any sort of victory for the disgruntled former employee other than the money-grubbing sort.

    Mr. Kordick was fired for multiple disciplinary issues. “Signgate” was simply the last straw.

    In 2015, Mr. Kordick received a one-week suspension without pay and underwent counseling for an undisclosed “personnel” matter. At that time, he was also under an internal investigation for his politically motivated investigation into a private citizen who, ironically, was exercising his First Amendment rights. Mr. Kordick had a pattern of being unable to separate his personal political passions from his professional work.

    Around that time, a judge ruled that Mr. Kordick could be sued separately for his part in allegedly creating a hostile work environment and harassing a female former police captain. According to a court filing, on one occasion, “Captain Kordick became enraged at (Gustovich). He kept banging his hands and cellphone on the table, and he grabbed the bottom of his chair and began to jump up and down while grunting like an animal through gritted teeth and leaning towards plaintiff.”

    Source: Gustovich v. Town of Greenwich

    In 2018, Mr. Kordick was again placed on unpaid leave after behaving in a hostile, unprofessional manner at a meeting of the Town of Greenwich Retirement Board. 

    Prior to placing the misleading phony campaign signs in 2019, Mr. Kordick had been given more than one written warning that if his unprofessional behavior continued, he would face more severe consequences, including possible termination. “Signgate” was the last straw in a pattern of erratic, aggressive, and unprofessional behavior. At a time when law enforcement is under intense public scrutiny, a loose cannon like Mr. Kordick is a liability on a police force.

    Mr. Kordick’s attorney, Lewis Chimes, is a serial filer of civil lawsuits who earns money by securing insurance settlements.

    Mr. Chimes has previously sued the Town of Greenwich, representing other disgruntled former employees, in pursuit of settlements. 

    While people familiar with the situation feel it is unfortunate that the Town was forced into this settlement by its insurance company, others believe the settlement was a worthwhile investment to pay Mr. Kordick to go away.

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