• It's Election Sign Season In Greenwich

    Election signs ripped off the wire mounts, and damaged in Greenwich.

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    Election season is heating up in Greenwich!

    The reports of yard signs getting stolen off personal property are already flowing in, while new yard signs paid from Mark Kordick’s "Signgate" settlement have popped up all across Town.  

    Mark Kordick's "Signgate 2.0"

    But there are some things you should know about the Kordick settlement that the mainstream media in Greenwich won’t tell you…  and things that were not mentioned in that difficult-to-read fluff piece printed by the fake news NY Times about Kordick. But what else would you expect from the fake news?!  

    Instead, read this article about the signs.  It sums it up rather nicely: 

    Greenwich Yard Signs, Allegedly Paid From "Signgate" Settlement, Appear After New York Times Fluff Piece.

    Also, in case you missed it, Greenwich First Selectperson candidate Laura Erickson sent out an email yesterday about how she wants to install speed cameras in town as one of her top priorities…  that email included another bad endorsement, this time from a World Economic Forum globalist, Senator Chris Murphy, a guy who got into office thanks to public support from the Communist Party in CT.  And a guy who is buddy-buddy with another globalist, Alex Soros.

    You should know that Soros Fund Management, which recently took out a long-term lease for an office in Greenwich, is focused on just two themes:  climate transition (i.e., ending all investment in fossil fuel companies to force change) and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).  

    Expect more of that focus on climate change agenda and DEI indoctrination if Dems take control of Greenwich and the BET.

    The globalists are now in plain sight in Greenwich.

    Examples of vandalized Greenwich Patriots "Do You Love Freedom?" signs (2021)

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    Greenwich Patriots

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